Weekly Bread #141

We see a lot of wildlife while we are hiking. Around here it is mainly coyotes, snakes, turkeys, squirrels, birds, and deer. I refuse to list all the different bugs. We saw a bobcat once in the Headlands. In the Sierras I have seen a lot of bears and one young mountain lion. With the mountain lion, I was happy that there were a lot of other people around.

I took a picture of these deer because we parked at Deer Park and just seemed funny that it was so aptly named. Notice the leaves on the ground. It is fall, but unlike other parts of the country, the leaves are mainly brown and not very spectacular. Sometimes not spectacular is just fine. That is what this week felt like -just fine. When I lived in Utah, the locals always said “you’re fine” rather than “no problem” or “no worries.” The culture there tends to be optimistic – except when it’s not. Sweeping statements, generalizations, don’t work for me any more. I need more nuance I think.

My weight is up again, but I had fun at a luncheon on Friday and clearly ate more than I needed. That is OK. Rambling is also OK. Counting your blessings is a good thing in general, but don’t count your chickens until they have hatched. The show isn’t over until the fat lady sings, but you still have to take one step, one day, at a time on the road to any type of transformation. Sometimes there are deer in Deer Park, and sometimes a tree falls over and blocks a trail. I am not a fan of opera, but I do like to sing along with most other types of songs. Staying in tune is a challenge I also rarely meet, but it would be easier in a choir. Not that one would let me in and yeah, COVID, so singing in a group is not a risk I would take, even though I am vaccinated. Some “breakthroughs” are good, others not so much. Nuance. Gotta love it, but hating it is OK too. I think.


My average weight this week is up 1.8 pounds for a total loss of 169.9

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