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Does Beauty Walk Within You?



Does Beauty walk within you

Just beneath your skin?

Does it warm your breath

In the icy air

When your heart is quick with fear?

Do the scars of your living

Protect your tender dreams?


We need courage in this ugly world

And beauty within each breast.

Broken branches can grow strong again

As they shelter from the storm.

Sing with joy

Let your Beauty shine

Despite the glare of hate

Let it bloom like truth

The power within

Will never let you go.







Does the Sun



Does the sun burn your skin

And the ocean freeze your bones?

Does the icy wind make you shiver

While the hot spring turns you red?

Come with me

There is a land

Where warm breezes blow

And gentle waves

Rock us into dreams.

Even the sun sleeps

And the tide is always turning.


Thicker than Air


Thicker than air

The water flows

Through our blood

Washing our brains

Clean again and new

Holding these poor bodies

Sacred in the pumping rhythm

Of our hearts

Drink the water

Immerse yourself

In gladness

Entering the Water



It is almost time

To enter the water

A sweet baptism of bliss

Floating weightless

In a liquid world

No drought here

No war

No crazy politicians

Dive deep

Your soul awaits some soothing

Within the water

Bundle it Up



I would be a fool

To never say

That sometimes I’d like

To bundle it up

And put it away

They say and its true

Trouble don’t last always

But it lasts way too long

And its getting me down

The news cycle swarms

Into my brain

Panic and hatred

Fear and disgust

I’ll close up the paper

Turn off my screen

Look at my lover

And dream the good dreams