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Will the roof hold through the howling wind?

Will the flames stay behind the firebreak, the highways?

How fragile life is

And human structures

How easy to hate

The blame spreading

Into war

How vicious the destruction

We have wrought

And brought

Upon ourselves

And our children

And our planet.

When our own small lives

Are finally at stake

It may be much too late

For repentance.





The Storm is Here

The winds howl in outrage

As the rain pounds down in pain

Our mother sobs

As her body turns to mud.

The oceans rise in protest

The glaciers melt in despair.

We can hunker down

But we cannot hide

Umbrellas are not enough

To clean the poisoned water

To heal our wounded earth.

Our prayers may help

If they inspire us

To turn this storm around.








Winds of Change

How the winds have blown

Our breath away

The super storms have come

No one can deny it now

The sea is rising in revenge

The drowning children cry

It’s time to make some changes

Clean the skies at last

To protect our planet home

Our tears are not enough

Our hands must get to work.






World’s End

How will the world end?

Will we spin out of control

Into a far away star

Burning bright in the evening sky?

Will the air we need fill with smoke

Choking our hungry lungs

On poisons created by greed?

Will we hate so much that war becomes

The fiery inferno of hell?


What shall we do?

Shall we build an ark

For the floods we know will come?

The ice is melting and the seas will rise

Prayer alone will not see us through

Can we use our hands our hearts our heads

And turn this disaster around?


Listen my friends

The world’s going to end

Science is a prophet too

Let’s start to care for the planet whole

We are all in the same big boat.

We have to start bailing

The damage out

We have to repair the sails

I’ll work with you

Will you work with me?

We’ll  follow the rainbow

It will show us the way

To a renewed creation

And paradise reborn





Fighting Fire

The fires have come

A planet is burning

An agony of dry heat

Blown by the winds

That would not listen

Fueled by neglect and greed

Sometimes people are brave

They stand solid and ready


Risking all that they are

To protect the precious

Beyond all duty

There is a place

For those who give

In full measure

Here our hearts

Beat with gratitude

Awe beyond understanding

It is not too late

We hope we pray

Clean the air

Let the forests breathe

Honor the lost

Help fight the fire


fire poem