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Sunday Twitter Feed 11/17/13 #uuogden #tdor2013

  1. Those who are remembered, live on. #uuogden

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  2. Reading the names of those killed because in their gender identify they challenged expectations of their culture. #uuogden

  3. Something changes in me when my arms are held wide open. #uuogden

  4. How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle? How deeply you’re connected to my soul. #uuogden

  5. The snow is on the ground but not falling from the sky. See you at church 10:30 #uuogden

Sunday Twitter Feed #uuogden

Sunday Twitter feed 10/27/13

Guest speaker today, UUCO member Heide Cottam.  Her sermon can be seen (Here)

Sunday Twitter Feed 10/13/13

The sermon can be found by clicking (here).

Sunday twitter feed 9/22/13

  1. Two lay members spoke of growing up Catholic and the good things they found in that faith traditions.  This is the first of a series.

    Jesus taught us to recognize our own divinity and those around us.#uuogden

  2. Jesus was a gifted healer and teacher. He taught a higher way. #uuogden

  3. Catholic means universal. UU also contains the title Universalist.#uuogden

  4. Mary Arnow also sharing her background growing up in the Catholic Church. #uuogden

  5. Sitting in a pew today ready to enjoy a lay led service. #uuogden

  6. Get some sleep so you can come to church tomorrow. Potluck and work party after the service #UUogden

Sunday Twitter Feed 9/15/13

Sermon (here)

Sunday Twitter Feed 9/8/13 #UUogden

Read sermon/reflection (here)

  1. @newnamenoah I like to think of all religions as carrying part of one large truth. And #uuogden shares pieces of all of them.

  2. Many think I’ve “traded one lie for another” in Unitarian Universalism. They obviously know nothing of UU. Check it out. #UUOgden #truth

  3. “My soul has grown deep like the rivers” – Langston Hughes #UUOgden

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  4. @TheresaNovakUU – “If you have regrets, it might be time to let them go.” #UUOgden

  5. Blessings upon those whose names have been raised here in prayer, and especially on those who have no one to raise their name. #uuogden

  6. Mormons have “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree” we have “Peace Like a River” @ #UUOgden #PeaceTrumpsPopcorn

  7. And turn us toward each other, God, for in isolation there is no life. #uuogden

  8. “Exhausted” is an understatement after working three 12+ hour days @SLComicCon but I’m not missing #UUOgden today. pic.twitter.com/1DPEUU8ad0

  9. Gathering of the Waters today @ #UUOgden. Appropriate day for rain. pic.twitter.com/phJOzU0pbx

  10. Almost time – bring some water – it’s raining so that’s easy & bring some nonperishable food to stock our food shelf #uuogden

Sunday Twitter feed 9/1/13

Sermon is (here)


Sunday Twitter Feed 8/18/13

Sunday Twitter Feed #uuogden 8/11/13

  1. We do have have fun with twitter!  Read from the bottom up and feel free to check out #uuogden on twitter every Sunday for tweets about the service,  You can read the sermon here.
    1. The 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism. A LOT better than the Mormon 13 Articles of Faith. #UUOgden pic.twitter.com/8S1Kdr0lGu

  1. The 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism. A LOT better than the Mormon 13 Articles of Faith. #UUOgden pic.twitter.com/8S1Kdr0lGu
  2. Closing hymn “Let it Be A Dance”. Cha cha cha! #uuogden
  3. “Love is the most powerful force in the universe.” ~ Rev. Theresa Novak #GodIsLove #UUOgden


  4. Song lyrics by Bob Dylan, Elvis and Huey Lewis in today’s sermon at #UUOgden #StuckOnYou


  5. The love that lives here cannot be contained. #uuogden pic.twitter.com/rbs5OCr8st
  6. The love that lives here is not contained within these walls. It is bigger than that. It is stuck in you. #uuogden
  7. @TheresaNovakUU It is ok to take what you need from our community, but don’t leave the rest if us behind. #uuogden
  8. “Go beyond yourself. Don’t just get stuck on you.” ~ Rev. Novak #UUOgden

    Favorited by David Winmill

  9. UU Ogden is sort of a health club. A spiritual health club. Are you getting your money’s worth? #uuogden
  10. Peace be unto you. #UUOgden pic.twitter.com/RtBfba0n4I
  11. Let us love the world through heart and mind and body. (K. Patton) #uuogden pic.twitter.com/dDgZy7H6CC
  12. @dwinmill: Freedom of religion dies not give you freedom from religion but freedom for religion. Rev Scott Alexander #uuogden
  13. @TheresaNovakUU prayers of the people. Comfort and peace in our church , our community and the world. #uuogden
  14. @dwinmill: The Singing Bowl sounded. Worship begins.#uuogden

  15. Our Whole Lives human sexuality course for (for 6th to 9th grade) theme this year is Just Say Know. Love it! #uuogden
  16. Are YOU judged by what YOU wear to church? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate where you go to church. #UUOgden pic.twitter.com/TDJYN8bTxN
  17. Home again. #uuogden pic.twitter.com/qJq56Zt4wN
  18. @TheresaNovakUU Hmmm. Sermon today Stuck on You. Can’t wait to see where Rev. Novak takes this. #uuogden