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If I were a snowflake

I would not melt

On a hot tongue of anger

No, in my intricate beauty

I would swirl softly to earth

Using my wisdom to gather

Friends just as unique

And just as special

Then we would make angels

In order to delight

All the children of God.




A land of parks is what we need

Flowers and trees

Grass if we can spare the water

Air we can breathe

Sunlight to enjoy

In gun free, hate free zones.


A nation of schools is what we need

Bright eager students

Asking the questions

Finding new answers

Speaking truth without

Politely raising their hands


A world of justice is what we need

Where black lives matter

Where money can’t buy votes

And every vote counts

Where all children can be safe

In their schools and in their homes.


Listen to the children

Listen to the wind

Follow the beating of your heart

Find the courage

To demand a new day

Of love and of peace


House the homeless

Shelter the refugee

Dry the tears

That stain the face

Of  our dear lady,

Sweet Liberty



They say compression therapy works

To get the swelling down

Drain the fluids that cause pain.

Racism, lymph

and stagnant lies,

All of a piece they seem.


It isn’t even

It isn’t easy

Welts and pain

Where the bandage binds.

What a relief to rub them out

For a moment’s rest

Before engaging once again


Weep with me

Work with me

Keep the pressure up

Drain the stinking swamp





The Sore



There is a sore

Deep underneath the skin

Of our sweet planet


It has been there forever

Back before the dinosaurs,

One of Evolution’s many mistakes


Don’t blame it on God


Inflammatory markers

Offered warnings

But the sore festered and grew.


Weeping out its poison

An infectious despair

A cancer in our souls


We need to lance the wound

Add the antibiotic salve

Bandage the broken hearts


Don’t blame it on God


We are the physicians here

And we must learn

To heal ourselves.







I Marched All Night



I marched all night in my dreams

I carried on though my legs burned

With a fury that matched

The rage that filled my soul.

I woke and wept

And then dreamed again

Of justice love and care.

Tell me now

When will this nightmare end?

Circulation Blues



My legs have hard places

Where blood refuses to flow

Dark knots of veins

Weary from their work

And the weight they have carried

For so many years


How exhausting it is

How terrible the pain

When our precious hopes

Are clogged by the anguish

Of thickening despair



Keep moving they say

Wiggle your toes

Elevation is the answer

Go high as you can

Over the hate we can soar.

Circulate the love.




Dried Flowers



dried_flower_rose_precut_png_by_nexu4-d6pyl1hThe grey mist covers us

Like a shroud,

Like a shield,

A damp beginning

In soggy ground.


What seed lies buried

In this Mystery

Deeper than truth?

The sharp spade

Of time, of patience

Prepares the ground

So our dried flowers

Our parched hopes

Might bloom again.


A New Year



Every year of my life

So far at least

Has brought sweet surprises

Little packages of joy

Found among bundles

Of disappointment and regret.

I have seen the sunshine

As floodwaters receded.

Weak from a downpour of grief

Chilled by winds of despair

I have found a hand

Reaching out with comfort

And love.


Let the years roll onward

As they will

As they must.

The hills seem higher

My body is weaker

But my spirit is strong

Sometimes I get weary

But I remain unafraid.



Happy Birthday, My Love


The miracle didn’t happen

Two thousand years ago

On a cold night

With stars, shepherds, angels

And little drummer boys

No, the miracle happened

Sixty years ago and seven

When a red-headed girl

Was born

Not in a stable

But in New York City

How lucky we are

How lucky I am

That our paths crossed

And crossed again

Weaving our hearts together

Counting our lucky stars

Happy birthday, love of mine

Your birth was a miracle

And your light shines

So bright in my life

Blessing me and our world


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The sun shattered in the sky today
A piñata of stars rained down
The lone last leaf fell long ago
But the scent of pine remains
The snow sparkles with fairy dust
As hope’s child again appears.
The dawn of life is reborn once more
From the warm embrace of the moon
Solstice Snow

Like a white veil

It coats the ground

Falling soft like ashes

From an ancient fire

The dark is long

The days grow short

Rest more easy

In the winter

Knit your sorrows

Into a shroud

Bury them beneath

The falling snow

Feed your fire with embers

Of your patient

Hopeful dreams.

The sun will come

The earth will turn

Green will be