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Dried Flowers



dried_flower_rose_precut_png_by_nexu4-d6pyl1hThe grey mist covers us

Like a shroud,

Like a shield,

A damp beginning

In soggy ground.


What seed lies buried

In this Mystery

Deeper than truth?

The sharp spade

Of time, of patience

Prepares the ground

So our dried flowers

Our parched hopes

Might bloom again.



A New Year



Every year of my life

So far at least

Has brought sweet surprises

Little packages of joy

Found among bundles

Of disappointment and regret.

I have seen the sunshine

As floodwaters receded.

Weak from a downpour of grief

Chilled by winds of despair

I have found a hand

Reaching out with comfort

And love.


Let the years roll onward

As they will

As they must.

The hills seem higher

My body is weaker

But my spirit is strong

Sometimes I get weary

But I remain unafraid.



Happy Birthday, My Love


The miracle didn’t happen

Two thousand years ago

On a cold night

With stars, shepherds, angels

And little drummer boys

No, the miracle happened

Sixty years ago and seven

When a red-headed girl

Was born

Not in a stable

But in New York City

How lucky we are

How lucky I am

That our paths crossed

And crossed again

Weaving our hearts together

Counting our lucky stars

Happy birthday, love of mine

Your birth was a miracle

And your light shines

So bright in my life

Blessing me and our world


anne and t 1975972093_10200815929508112_1278312078_n










The sun shattered in the sky today
A piñata of stars rained down
The lone last leaf fell long ago
But the scent of pine remains
The snow sparkles with fairy dust
As hope’s child again appears.
The dawn of life is reborn once more
From the warm embrace of the moon
Solstice Snow

Like a white veil

It coats the ground

Falling soft like ashes

From an ancient fire

The dark is long

The days grow short

Rest more easy

In the winter

Knit your sorrows

Into a shroud

Bury them beneath

The falling snow

Feed your fire with embers

Of your patient

Hopeful dreams.

The sun will come

The earth will turn

Green will be






Oh, that I could slough my skin away

Like a snake and be reborn.

Old scars,  memories, and pain

Left behind in a scaly heap.


Lizards lose their tails

And the lost baggage

Throws their balance off,

But only for awhile.


New tails grow

Long and deep as roots

They balance on the fulcrum

Of unexpected paths


And tender skin scales over

Protecting the old wounds

Providing cover as they reflect

The rising of the sun.



We are waiting

For our metamorphosis

For our resurrection.


The Gift



Wrap it up


Using two-sided tape

To hide the flaws

The blank white paper

Waits underneath

The shiny paper

Reflects the fading light

Of this dim world


You don’t have to wait

Until Christmas morning

To open your gifts

Rip off the paper

And let them fly

Into a world

That needs wonder

And surprise


Image of God



They say that we are made

In the image of the Divine

I believe that

Most of the time.


These bodies of ours contain

A spark of holy fire

Creation never ending

Imagination running wild

With the possibility of grace.


But when I hurt

When the pain of living

Makes it hard to face

Another sunrise

Then I don’t have to believe.

I know.


God aches and weeps with me

Staggering under the burden

Of holding onto love

When even the mountains

Are shuddering in despair


God, give me strength

Spin beside me as we journey

Through the emptiness of space

Lost among the stars

Until we find, at last

A warmer, brighter, sun.




An old poem of mine that popped up in my Facebook “memories” today…

Before our births
We bounced around inside our mothers,
That warm wet universe cushioned us from harm.
Flat on our backs we struggled to raise our heads,
Sit up, crawl, and finally we stood.
The playpen was so forgiving.
One step, two, and then we ran
Falling, we bounced up from the ground.
With our knees scraped raw
We did not worry.
The wind in our hair
Fast downhill on our first two- wheeler
No hands.
Look ma!
Bouncing over the curbs,
We jumped into classes, jobs, marriages, and sorrows.
Our bones grow brittle
Until once more,
We bounce into the earth again
And spin
Safe inside our mother,
In a universe of stars.


Pain of Fire

You can’t run from this pain

The fire burns in your bones

Lungs thick with smoke

Mouth tasting of ash


The trees are all gone

No homes for the birds

An echo of madness

Fills you with rage


You stop drop and roll

It is all you can do

Put your face in the dirt

Grab onto the earth


Heartbeat by heartbeat

You struggle to stand

With trembling legs

You begin over again


The Fire Rains Down

The fire rains down across the west

Choking smoke and flames

The water rises with the wind

Drowning out our southern lands


The drums of war beat loudly

Behind the Nazi chants

Dreams turn into nightmares

None of us are safe


I don’t believe in Armageddon

That’s not my kind of God

This horror is not holy

And prayers are not enough


Breathe deep with battered lungs

And sing into the howling wind

Beat your hands in time to music

Keep heaven in your heart


The roots of love run deep

A taproot to our souls

Be like the mighty redwood

Staying strong amidst the flames.