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When I Wake

Sometimes when I wake

I am not sure

Where I have been

Dreams are like that

A soft focus

Vague outlines

An imagined universe

Where the rules

Never quite apply


Sometimes when I stop

Doing whatever it was

That kept me busy

I am not sure

Where I am

What kind of world is this?

A harsh light

Batters my eyes

And I awake

To the suffering

All around our world


Hold me in a dream

Bring me home

To that land

Where hope

Love and justice thrive

Peace at last

A soft focus

A sweet dream



Skating on the Edge

Skating on the edge

Of pregnant possibilities

We wonder

Is the ice too thick

The ride too bumpy?

Is the world frozen

Beyond all thawing

The ground so slick

We slide off the path

Into frightful chaos

Will all our promises

Fall into the failure

Of bruised knees

And broken dreams

No no

It can’t be so

We are alive

And therefore

Miracles can happen




Their faces show up

In my dreams

Small flickers of light

Stones dropped

Into water

Their grace

Rippling through my days


A small boy’s grin

Cracks open his face

His joy to0 large

To be  contained


An old man weeping

Every time he sings

His dear lost wife’s

Favorite hymn


Old friend still funny

Telling the same jokes

That made us laugh

When we were just kids


Once made

The connections last

Over time

Through space

Beyond even death

It is a blessing

My heart knows





Dreams – Yours, Mine and Martin’s

Some dreams come slipping to us

From somewhere else

Just as we drift

Alone in that quiet space

Right before waking

Fantasies of longing

Memories mixed in

Weird rhythms of our minds

It is hard to know

What they mean.

Other dreams are created

From the hard days of our lives

The walls we long to scale

The wrongs we’d like to right

Visions of justice and freedom

Bringing hope to our hearts

Even as tears stream from our eyes

Martin had a dream

I have a dream

You have a dream

We can work with love

To make them real


We all have a path

But it isn’t a plan

It comes and it goes

Fading from sight

When we forget who we are


Lost in the woods

We can’t see the dream

The vision gets clouded

The body gets tired

Words can confuse

We forget we can see


The path is still there

Our feet know the way

Don’t worry so much

Stay steady and know

This journey takes time


Just when you stumble

Or after you fall

The moonlight will shine

Through densest of brush

It will make sense at last

You’ll know where to go