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Some Mornings


IMG_1996Some mornings

I have to drag my eyes open

With sheer force of will.

Stay asleep please

In the land of dreams.

The world is too full

Of nightmares.

But like a dried

Lily leaf

I rise

Looking for moisture

For hope.

Dried Flowers



dried_flower_rose_precut_png_by_nexu4-d6pyl1hThe grey mist covers us

Like a shroud,

Like a shield,

A damp beginning

In soggy ground.


What seed lies buried

In this Mystery

Deeper than truth?

The sharp spade

Of time, of patience

Prepares the ground

So our dried flowers

Our parched hopes

Might bloom again.


Does Beauty Walk Within You?



Does Beauty walk within you

Just beneath your skin?

Does it warm your breath

In the icy air

When your heart is quick with fear?

Do the scars of your living

Protect your tender dreams?


We need courage in this ugly world

And beauty within each breast.

Broken branches can grow strong again

As they shelter from the storm.

Sing with joy

Let your Beauty shine

Despite the glare of hate

Let it bloom like truth

The power within

Will never let you go.







Spring Comes in Despite



Spring comes in despite our fears

Flowers bloom in the dank soil of despair

The bloody streets and schoolyards,

Washed by a mother’s tears,

Reflect the sun on a dawning day.


We hear the voices of hate

The politics of greed

Anger pounding away at love

While children live in fear.


Don’t build the walls

Let the refugees in

Let our hearts open like the bud

So spring can come

To this troubled world.


Desert Rain

Rain in the desert

Can be a surprise

Washing the dust

Off the slickest of rocks

Blood red rivers

Run fast through the canyons

Flushing your memories down

Rain lasts but a moment

A flash in the pan

Gold it can be

To find hope in that valley

Of your deepest despair