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I Marched All Night



I marched all night in my dreams

I carried on though my legs burned

With a fury that matched

The rage that filled my soul.

I woke and wept

And then dreamed again

Of justice love and care.

Tell me now

When will this nightmare end?

Shattered Glass

The glass has shattered

But the ceiling holds

Rose colored spectacles

Are rimmed with blood

But still we can see

The sun shining

Beyond the poisoned skies


Hold my hand

My dear my love

Put on your boots

Protect your feet

As we move forward

Into a world

Of broken glass

To rebuild again

And again

And again


Facing Fear

I won’t run from fear

That orange beast that stalks my sleep

Claws trying to drag hope

Back into despair.

No. Just no.

We have been here before

This time we fight

Like life depends on us

Because it does.

Lives of children

Lives of black and brown folks

Lives of queers and Muslims

Lives of refugees and women.

For the life of our whole planet

This green precious globe

Will not be ravaged

No. Just no.

Not on our watch

Not this time.




A nightmare chased itself

Round the bend again

The serpent eats its tail

Saying facts are for fools


This power is corrupt

As vile as slime

Seeping into our foundations

Weakening the supports


Before the house falls

Around all of our heads

Pity the sad souls

That chose a poisoned apple.


We have to wake up

We have to stay woke

Truth is stronger than lies

Love lasts longer than hate.




And on the Third Day

I felt it last night

Just before I fell asleep

Something stirred

That I thought had died.

It came awake

A force, a power.

Three days of pain

Fear anger grief

Buried deep

In a cold tomb of despair.

But then

On this third day

The Spirit rose again to say

Life lives and

Love will never be denied.

Go into the world

It said

Spread the message

Be fierce be bold

Be brave

Resurrection is not easy

But faith will be reborn

This is the 3rd in a series of poems in the aftermath of the US election of 2016.

Links to the first two are below.

2 days after

The Morning After

2 Days After

Grief comes

The tears flow

Denial is sweet

Then I remember

Anger comes

How could they?

Even some of my family

Grief comes

The bitter taste of fear

Pain in my stomach

But most of all in my heart

Where is Love?

Then I remember

It is everywhere

We can find it

If we look

Hope lives inside me

For a moment


Before the tears come again

The cycle of grief

Goes on

Then when it is over

We get busy

We are the lovers

And protectors

Of the planet

And of the vulnerable

Acceptance and then



The Morning After





Actor #trump

The curtain is up

On the stage of the world

The actor takes aim

Against all I believe


Is he speaking his truth

Or playing a game?

Lives are at stake

There have to be rules.


I’ve read my history

I’ve lived it too long


Lessons hard learned

We can’t feed this beast.



Hatred is catching

And fear no relief

There has to be love

Compassion at least


Bring down the curtain

Let’s change the game

Greatness is worthless

When bartered for souls

Fired or Fired Up?

Joe Biden got it exactly right last night during his speech (Click) at the DNC when he said Trump is most famous for telling people they are fired and looking like he is enjoying it.

That comment really spoke to me.

I have fired people.  I don’t remember exactly how many, not a lot, maybe 5 or 6 when I was a manager in the federal service, and a couple of times as a minister.  It is never easy and it certainly isn’t fun.  Sometimes it has to be done, however.  With only two exceptions, the people I fired had problems getting to work on time on a reasonably consistent basis.  After repeated warnings, it became clear that the very basic job requirement of showing up, was not going to be met.  The mission was suffering because their job was not being done.  So I fired them, but I also felt bad for them.  I hoped they would learn a lesson from the experience and do better in their next job.  The other two were individuals that just weren’t suited for the jobs they were in.  They weren’t able to meet the minimum job requirements at a satisfactory level.  I could only hope they went on to find something else they could do well.

Each and every time, however, firing someone has been hard and has made me sad.  Those individuals had inherent worth and dignity and being fired was a very painful experience for them.  I felt of them, but needed to temper my sadness for them with my concern for the health of the organization to which I was responsible.  Poorly performing employees can bring the whole team down. If the work is important, then it needs to be done well.  Sometimes people need to be fired.

But sometimes, it is possible to fire someone up instead of firing them.  I have done that too and it is highly satisfying to help turn someone’s poor performance around with clear expectations and encouragement when they make an effort to improve.

Someone who enjoys firing people is just not suited to leading our nation.  Empathy, compassion, encouragement, inspiration are what I want to see in a leader.  I don’t want to follow someone who will exclude large groups of people from the process, in essence firing everyone who might disagree.  Instead, I want to follow someone who will fire us all up and inspire us to do our best.  That is the message I am getting from the Democrats this week, one that resonates with me as a person of faith.  I do wish the other party had fired their candidate, who is just not suited for the job.