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This morning when I woke

I lay abed half dreaming

As I often do

My mind still loose and open

Remembering my dreams

I placed my hands together

Palms facing palms

Fingers closed and aligned

A “This I lay me down to sleep”

Body memory from my childhood

And I thought

Of the many different ways we pray

In this world so in need of prayer

Arms crossed or open wide

Hands resting open on one’s knees

Thumbs touching in a circle

One waving hand reaching up toward the sky

On our knees

Or prostrate upon the ground

Standing, sitting, walking, dancing

Swinging incense  or snakes

We chant, we sing, we moan

We speak the ritual words by rote

We speak in tongues

And in every language

Ever known

We stutter, stumble and lisp

We pray in a silence deeper than our fears.

So many ways, all good

All right

God listens

The Great Mother holds us

The Spirit of Life

Moves within us

Will you pray with me?








A World, A Prayer



I do not long for a brand new world

Or some golden age

In a mythical past.

I am no longer a revolutionary

Wanting to smash the state.

I hope I will never be

On the side of those

Who resist all change.

I simply want

To love this world

Just as it is

With all the mess

And chaos of imperfection.

May I always feel compassion

For those who suffer

From war and hate and want.

May I always work for justice and for peace.

May I always love this world

Just as it is.





Prayer offered at an Interfaith Action for the Homeless

Spirit of Life, God of many names and understandings

Hold us all as we stand together this evening
Knowing we are one people
One family
No matter who we are or what we have
No matter where we are or where we have been
No matter what we have done or not done
We are human
Children of God
Made in the divine image
We all deserve respect
We all deserve compassion
We all deserve a decent place to live
Enough food to eat
And tender care when we are sick

Forgive us for our failings
Forgive us for our fears

Grant us the wisdom to know what we must do
To change what is not right
To bring this community and this country
Back to the promise of a decent life for all

Give us the energy to keep working
Give us the courage to stand strong
Give us the faith to know that change will come

Help us to know that is us,
And no one else that can turn despair into hope
And fear into compassion
We can only do this through the redeeming power of love.

May it be so Amen, blessed be and Namaste.