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Day Without Dawn

They say in the far north

The sun shines all day and night.

In summer anyway

In winter a dusky gray is the best one gets.

It’s only fall here

But the sky glows orange

Ash falling through the fog.

I am glad for the fog

Which may damp down the fires

As it cleans the air

Making breathing possible

Weird though to not see the sun

And to look at the world

In a different light.

I yearn for nightfall

So I won’t keep looking for the sun

Yellow against a blue sky

And I can imagine

It is just a normal fog

That hides the moon and stars.


I can walk uphill

With confidence

Meeting the challenges

Reaching the summits

Sometimes I check the map

But the goal stays clear

And the view can dazzle me.


A descent is harder

It feels like falling

My boots slide on loose rocks

Half- buried roots grab at my toes

Sometimes to make it home

You have to go slow

And keep your eyes on the ground

Saving the far horizon

For another day.










The Storm is Here

The winds howl in outrage

As the rain pounds down in pain

Our mother sobs

As her body turns to mud.

The oceans rise in protest

The glaciers melt in despair.

We can hunker down

But we cannot hide

Umbrellas are not enough

To clean the poisoned water

To heal our wounded earth.

Our prayers may help

If they inspire us

To turn this storm around.









A nightmare chased itself

Round the bend again

The serpent eats its tail

Saying facts are for fools


This power is corrupt

As vile as slime

Seeping into our foundations

Weakening the supports


Before the house falls

Around all of our heads

Pity the sad souls

That chose a poisoned apple.


We have to wake up

We have to stay woke

Truth is stronger than lies

Love lasts longer than hate.




The Morning After

Morning comes

Even if sleep has not

The dawning sun laughs

Look at me she says

I have seen far worse

On your poor planet.

Get up.

Get a grip.

We have a light

That needs to shine.

It might take years

But the nightmare will end

If we stay strong.





Freedom of Both Pulpit and Pew

We value our freedoms

Sometimes more than our lives

The martyrs are many

Who have died just for words.


What does this mean

For the Pulpit and Pew?

What does it mean for me and for you?


Words sometimes hurt

Bringing pain from our pasts

Swirling to memories

Of being abused


Those same painful words

Bring others great joy

A longing for comfort

A longing for peace.



How can we balance

Such contrary needs

When freedom for some

Causes others to weep?


Our spirits are hardy

This I believe

Compassion is called for

And gentle support


We’ll find a way forward

Both caring and free

If our faith is a building


Open hearts are the doors








brittle as dry twigs

the angry words crack out

splintering the silence

the peace

wait I say

it’s not that bad

hold on to the hope


for the rains may yet come

even to this parched forest

together we may sip

once more the sweet dew

of friendship

if not

there is more than one way

through the woods

I will wish you well

on your journey





Patience can be a virtue.

Sometime you have to rest and just wait.

Go to the desert and wander the wilderness

Of your heart’s deepest desire.

Find a likely twig and spin a cocoon

Rest and wait and hope

Pray the rain won’t wash you away

That the snow will not freeze your bones

That some rude youngster

Won’t light a fuse in your hair

Thinking this is your funeral pyre.

You might just dry up and blow away

Get lost in the winds of change

But rest and wait anyway

A call might come

A miracle happen

Your wings might unfurl

And your soul fly free

It is important to be ready

To say yes

If that day should come.




Ears to Hear



It begins with a small rustle

A quick scurry in a corner of your mind

Wind in the leaves

A small mouse making a home in your cellar

It could be

Just an old house that creaks like your bones


Listen harder

Let the silence speak

Perhaps the noise

Is from flowers blooming

Perhaps it is your life

Coming home to meaning

To hope.


Walking On

I saw you walking

Down the street

Last week

Your head was down

Your collar up

Even though the sun

Was shining.

It is a cold wind

That blows through a heart

Pumping ice

Like it was fire

It is OK

We both keep walking



Toward other places

People and plans

But even so

It was good to see you.