Archive | May 2016

Fallow Ground



We left the land to rest

Healing from its growing pains

We let the weeds flourish

So the winter winds

Would not blow the earth away.

We have been resting, friends

Plowing under the dry stalks


Now is the time

To plant again

And to help a hundred

Flowers bloom.




With my eyes closed

The images still flicker

Just in front of my eyelids

Bright flashes and splashes of color

Reflected faces

Laughing crying.


What is the story,

This movie playing

In my body

In my brain?

The lamp is out,

But still the light shines

A bright glimmer

Calling me.

I will follow

Whatever plot

Is unfolding

Leading me

To ministry.









Nightmares run screaming

Behind the closed cupboards

Of your sleeping

They race beneath the floorboards

And hide in your mattress

Restless, your eyelids flicker

Fear becomes fright

And the terror wakes you

Your heart is beating fast

Your breath impossible

Wait, open your eyes

Drink the water by your bed.

Morning is on its way.