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When Fear Comes

When fear comes knocking

I never know

If I should answer

Or hide somewhere inside.

Maybe it won’t know

That I am here.

Maybe it will go away

If I leave it standing

At the door.


But fear is just a

Messenger, a warning.

Not a harbinger

Of what must be.

Listen, Fear,

I hear you.

I’ll be as careful as I can

And I thank you

For your time.

Go away now.

I need courage more

Just now.

Send some over, please.



Facing Fear

I won’t run from fear

That orange beast that stalks my sleep

Claws trying to drag hope

Back into despair.

No. Just no.

We have been here before

This time we fight

Like life depends on us

Because it does.

Lives of children

Lives of black and brown folks

Lives of queers and Muslims

Lives of refugees and women.

For the life of our whole planet

This green precious globe

Will not be ravaged

No. Just no.

Not on our watch

Not this time.





Shall we tremble and shake

Hide in our homes

Afraid of the streets

No neighbors around

Just a posse of hate

As a madman demands we

Cast our ballots in fear


I want to be brave

As the flowers that bloom

I want to be strong

As the mountains that rise

I want to be tender

As the small chickadee


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

FDR said that

It reminded me

What I fear most is fear

Shake it off, friends,

Shake it off

There is room here for all

Of our neighbors

Gay, straight, black, white

Christian, Muslim, atheist

Immigrant, and citizen

Everyone, no exceptions.

We need to build a wall

To keep fear out.



Open Your Window

Open your window

Just a crack

So you can get

A breath of air

Take a peek

Around the blinds

There’s a world out there

Fragile and rare

Waiting to be explored

Change is scary

But change is good

Who wants to be buried

While they are still alive

Let the birds fly in

Let your soul fly out

Circle away for the sky

Once there look down

The ground for sure

Will still be around

The trees will wave at you

Fly high my friend

You were born to soar

Not cower behind a wall

The release of fear

Is a rich reward

Time’s only an enemy

If you let it pass you by.