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Patience can be a virtue.

Sometime you have to rest and just wait.

Go to the desert and wander the wilderness

Of your heart’s deepest desire.

Find a likely twig and spin a cocoon

Rest and wait and hope

Pray the rain won’t wash you away

That the snow will not freeze your bones

That some rude youngster

Won’t light a fuse in your hair

Thinking this is your funeral pyre.

You might just dry up and blow away

Get lost in the winds of change

But rest and wait anyway

A call might come

A miracle happen

Your wings might unfurl

And your soul fly free

It is important to be ready

To say yes

If that day should come.




Getting my Kicks at 66

Route 66 sign

Life is a Trip

I turned 66 this week.  Another birthday, and kind of a weird age to be in some ways.  Most big birthday celebrations tend to be ones that end in either zero or 5.  18 and 21 are also milestones.  But I like kind of like the double digits.  11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and 66.  Like on the old SAT’s, it’s a numerical progression, one that just keeps going up.  What comes next is 77, then 88, then 99. The odds of 1010 are worse than slim, so the max in this series for birthdays is 99.  (111, although theoretically possible, would be the wrong answer mathematically. 110 is also possible -simply adding 11 – but it isn’t as much fun.)

I am still kicking, and still getting a kick out of life.



Ears to Hear



It begins with a small rustle

A quick scurry in a corner of your mind

Wind in the leaves

A small mouse making a home in your cellar

It could be

Just an old house that creaks like your bones


Listen harder

Let the silence speak

Perhaps the noise

Is from flowers blooming

Perhaps it is your life

Coming home to meaning

To hope.


Walking On

I saw you walking

Down the street

Last week

Your head was down

Your collar up

Even though the sun

Was shining.

It is a cold wind

That blows through a heart

Pumping ice

Like it was fire

It is OK

We both keep walking



Toward other places

People and plans

But even so

It was good to see you.



For Ibrahim



They say that some see a light

On the pathway ahead

Before they cross over

To what waits beyond



It could very well be true.


But one thing I do know as a fact:

Some souls carry their own light

The bright laughter of a love

So strong that it shines from their eyes

Upon everyone that they meet.

Stirring awake the call to justice and to faith.


Let your light shine

Like the stars

Sing with the music

Dance to the melody.

Let the drumbeat of your heart

Guide you home.


We will

We will

Carry it on.