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I Marched All Night



I marched all night in my dreams

I carried on though my legs burned

With a fury that matched

The rage that filled my soul.

I woke and wept

And then dreamed again

Of justice love and care.

Tell me now

When will this nightmare end?

Circulation Blues



My legs have hard places

Where blood refuses to flow

Dark knots of veins

Weary from their work

And the weight they have carried

For so many years


How exhausting it is

How terrible the pain

When our precious hopes

Are clogged by the anguish

Of thickening despair



Keep moving they say

Wiggle your toes

Elevation is the answer

Go high as you can

Over the hate we can soar.

Circulate the love.




Dried Flowers



dried_flower_rose_precut_png_by_nexu4-d6pyl1hThe grey mist covers us

Like a shroud,

Like a shield,

A damp beginning

In soggy ground.


What seed lies buried

In this Mystery

Deeper than truth?

The sharp spade

Of time, of patience

Prepares the ground

So our dried flowers

Our parched hopes

Might bloom again.


A New Year



Every year of my life

So far at least

Has brought sweet surprises

Little packages of joy

Found among bundles

Of disappointment and regret.

I have seen the sunshine

As floodwaters receded.

Weak from a downpour of grief

Chilled by winds of despair

I have found a hand

Reaching out with comfort

And love.


Let the years roll onward

As they will

As they must.

The hills seem higher

My body is weaker

But my spirit is strong

Sometimes I get weary

But I remain unafraid.