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Holy Saturday

Show some respect

Our hope just died

We have laid yet another

Martyr to rest today

Jesus, Martin, Trayvon,

Sandra, Stephon, and JFK

The list goes on.

Families grieve

Which one will save us?

Which one will rise

Like the sun

On Easter morning?

We must call out our own names

Carry on the flame

Hope can defy the grave

Who will roll away the stones?


A Not so Good Friday

Thank God it’s Friday

But all Friday’s aren’t good.

There was nothing good

About that Friday

It wasn’t a plan

But instead a plot

Not Divine at all

A mere human scheme

To silence dissent

Empire is like that

It can’t stand critique

He lived with great courage

But wept at his end

His anguish increased

By the fear that his work

Was in vain

We all have our crosses

Our burdens to bear

We feel forsaken

We cry out for relief

There isn’t a plan

Victory isn’t assured

Resurrection’s only

A hope

But sometimes


Maybe sometimes

Our work will not be

In vain.



















If I were a snowflake

I would not melt

On a hot tongue of anger

No, in my intricate beauty

I would swirl softly to earth

Using my wisdom to gather

Friends just as unique

And just as special

Then we would make angels

In order to delight

All the children of God.