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A Holy Rage

I remember this feeling

Tightness in my chest

Fists clenching

Panicked tears.


The day my father was baptized

Was the day I stopped

Attending church.

It took me 30 years

To go back.


They knew what he was like

But it did not matter

I did not matter

They never asked me

They never cared enough.


Another drunken abuser

Is about to stagger into more power

Where he will no doubt

Abuse us all.


Where is our sacrament?

Where is our blessing?

Where is the salvation,

For the victims,

For the survivors?


I tell you this:

I am no longer a child

I know the truth

I will remember

And I will not forgive.

My rage is holy now.





My rage flows boundless

From the molten core of my heart.


How long

Will this go on?

How much

Can one soul take?


Ancient as the earth

The pain of war

Relentless as the wind

The chains that hold us all.


The sea overflows with our grief

For lost hopes

While the ashes of our dreams

Wash up on distant shores.


My rage flows boundless

The fire rises in my throat

Boundless yes

But silent?




Let the lava flow

Let it melt the walls

Release will ease our hearts

And quiet our fears


When the fires cool

Will there be a new land

Children safe at last

We are the ancestors

May we find the courage

To earn the future’s gratitude.







Rage comes

And I try to let it go

Push it away with tears

Frozen in salty hurt

Disappointment despair

Still the rage comes

So much is wrong

So much needs doing

Children are dying

Then I remember

Rage is energy

Swallowing only

Eats away at my own soul

Shatters whatever peace

Might be found

Release it instead

Let the fire burn

A beacon of outrage

Shining for the lost

For the forsaken

The abandoned and abused

If they see my rage

Perhaps they will find

Their way home.

Perhaps we will all

Find our way home.