Daily Bread #87


It was Thanksgiving week last week, a day for family and feasting.

Last year I transitioned from all meal replacement products to food right before Thanksgiving. I was very careful on that day and weighed and measured absolutely everything. (1 Tablespoon of gravy for instance. ) This year, since I am down over 150 pounds and at a comfortable not-obese weight finally, I still recorded estimates of what I ate, but I ate pretty much all I wanted including a couple of cocktails. I enjoyed myself and on the scale the next morning I was up a mere pound. It will be easy to lose that without hardly trying. The next afternoon, we went clothes shopping and I bought a pair of size 14 jeans. I used to wear 28 or 3x.   This was me several Thanksgivings ago.  It is the traditional “Turkey just out of the oven” pic.  The turkey was also smaller this year, but that had more to do with how many people came to dinner each year. I am getting older each year, of course, but am much healthier than I was.  ‘Tis a major miracle.

IMG_2705I am still figuring out what the future will hold in this journey of mine. Am I done with weight loss?  Recovering from knee replacement surgery is still slowing me down quite a bit as I am afraid of overdoing it again.  I saw the orthopedic physician’s assistant today and she said it looks like I developed some bursitis in that knee.  Hopefully that is all it is and it will heal with even more rest and ice, although she did order some blood work and an x-ray to make sure nothing else is going on.  I will see the surgeon in a couple of weeks.  It is very frustrating not being able to do much walking.

I want to enjoy the holidays and all the December birthdays with full energy and without stressing about what and how much I am eating.  We will see how it all goes.  An upward trend would  get my attention, but simple maintenance of my current weight would be a fine thing at this point.

L’Chaim!  This week’s stats: My Fitbit report shows 30408 steps last week for 12.8 miles.  I ate approximately 9849 calories and burned 12620 for a deficit of 2771. My average weight this week is down .3 pounds from last week’s average for a total loss of 153.2.

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