Daily Bread #86


I was down just .2 pounds this week, but Lose -It says I met my goal.  And yes, I have logged all my calorie intake for 487 days.  I am still not sure I am done losing, but I have lost 10 pounds since my surgery in September and when my knee FINALLY heals, who knows what will happen?  In any case, I love these little pictorial rewards the various apps send out.  FITBIT does the same sort of thing. I may have to set a new goal to keep them coming.  Maybe I’ll play with 5 pound goals at a time, because I feel just fine at my current weight.

In class this week we talked about the power outage and how it affected our eating habits.  One man talked about going a bit nuts in one of the few open stores and really loading up his cart with pasta and sauce.  Not knowing how long food would be available, it was easy to go into survival mode.  We were too busy eating the food in our refrigerator before it spoiled to try and go shopping, but almost empty shelves might have inspired the same response in me.

It did remind me of the time I was lost in the woods for 4 days with only small leftover lunches to share with the 4 other people that were with me. (I just wrote that story out in another posthere) Maybe the rationing of raisins and peanuts we did then made it easier for me to cope with the relatively mild food deprivation that is part of any weight loss journey.

Being dedicated to my mission of health helps too.  Like the federal employees that testified this week (Yay to Fiona Hill!) career cvil servants are stalwart in their dedication to the missions of their agencies and nothing much will really stop them.  Being lost in the woods and my years working for the Social Security Administration are two of the pillars that I think have helped keep me strong.  My years in ministry gave me some humility and the ability to sometimes actually enjoy the inevitable imperfections and plot twists.  Curiosity keeps me interested.  I want to read this novel to the end.

L’Chaim!  This week’s stats: My Fitbit report shows 27395 steps last week for 11.5 miles.  I ate approximately 9408 calories and burned 12368 for a deficit of 2960. My average weight this week is down .2 pounds from last week’s average for a total loss of 152.9.


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