Daily Bread #74.5


What a roller coaster these last few days have been!  First my knee surgery, which has been scheduled for 9/16, was delayed until the 23rd.  Then it was back on for 9/10 which is only a few days from now.  I was supposed to check in at 11:30, then it was 9:30, and now it is back to 11:30.  We will see if anything changes again.  I have had a ton of phone calls and emails from Kaiser (my health care provider) in the last few days.  I had to change other appointments because of the date changes.  The surgery team thought I still have diabetes and sleep apnea as my primary doctor hasn’t corrected my records yet to show “history of” in front of those conditions.  Luckily they listen when I tell them my latest A1C is 5.2 and explain how much weight I have lost, but it is more than a little frustrating.  All this chaos has at least saved me from stressing too much about the actual surgery.   I am ready I think. I have the walker and thing that goes over the toilet ready.  We will pick up all the throw rugs this weekend and and make sure there is enough food in the freezer.

I did reach my weight loss goal this week, the one I have had for over a year.  Now I am simply overweight and not “obese.”  I may set a new goal after I have recovered from the surgery and can get back to serious walking.  One interesting thought that I have been smiling about: with all the excess skin around my knees now, maybe the scar will be less obvious. There have to be some advantages to saggy skin.  But even with a large ugly scar, I will still wear shorts.  Like my gray hair, I will have earned the scar and will be proud.  No worries, I don’t think I will post any pictures of my early healing stages.  .

Tonight we are going out to dinner.  I will have the swordfish and maybe two martinis.



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