Daily Bread #74

img_2661-e1567355481426.jpgimage001Time for another before/after pic.



My appearance  still startles me when I look in the mirror.  No wonder that old friends don’t always recognize me.  There have been a lots of changes since April of 2018 when the earlier picture was taken.  It isn’t just my appearance that has changed (my hair is shorter!), but most importantly my health is so much better.  I can walk for miles, I don’t get out of breath on the uphills, I am off all regular prescription meds, and my C-Pap machine is history.  I feel better; I feel stronger; I may even be happier.  Back then my health was deteriorating which was depressing and my world, my life, felt like it was becoming more and more limited by things I could no longer do.

For 385 days, after the meal replacement period was past, I have logged every calorie I have eaten into an app on my phone.  I have guessed sometimes, especially with restaurant meals, but have continued to lose almost 2 pounds per week on average.  The graph of that loss is pretty dramatic.



My goal has been 180 pounds, which would get me out of “obesity” into overweight.  I hate those weight charts, but it is kind of fun to be only a week or so from achieving “overweight” status.  I may not be done losing, but I am will also fine with simply maintaining where I am now.


I exercise, at least an hour a day and sometimes more.  I enjoy it.  My knee surgery is coming up in a few weeks, which was one of the reasons I needed to lose the weight as they would not operate on me at the size I was.  I got a little frustrated today because the surgery was delayed for another week because of a UTI.  They want you to be in stellar health so the surgery goes well.  More antibiotics should do the trick, and another week isn’t so long after all the time I have put in preparing, but it did seem a little unfair.  Very little in life is fair, however, and I know I have been luckier than many.  A little whining seems justified none the less.

It is a bummer partly because the scheduled surgery meant I could not have another cortisone shot and had to stop taking naproxen.  As a result, my knee is toast and getting too painful to continue my long walks.  I am going to switch back to mainly the stationary bike and swimming, with maybe a few short walks with a knee brace.  Perhaps it is all a plot so I will be really happy to have the surgery and not complain too much during the recovery period which everyone says is fairly painful.

In group this week, we talked about RMR (resting metabolic rate – or the calories you would burn if you were in a coma.  The coma explanation is mine and is not the official one.)  You can affect your RMR some by the foods you eat, the amount of muscle mass you have, how much sleep you get, and how you deal with stress.  Other things such as age, gender and hormones are pretty much out of your control. RMR also goes down as your weight goes down.  I had mine tested last November when I was 75+ pounds heavier than I am today.  I will get it tested again after my knee surgery, just so I know the number.  It helps with the math.  I seriously have both a lot less weight and a lot more muscle than I did then.

I am not on a diet.  This isn’t a fad, a quick fix that can’t be sustained.  This is my life.

L’Chaim!  This week’s stats: I am drinking about 96 ounces of water most days.  My Fitbit report shows 99,609 steps last week for over 42 miles, down from last week when we walked an extra lot in Monterey.  I ate approximately 9527 calories and burned 17443 for a deficit of 7916. I am down 3.1 pounds for a total loss of 140.9.

2 responses to “Daily Bread #74”

  1. Doddie Stone says :

    You are truly amazing and I love following your journey to the best health you can have.
    Helps to remind me that it’s possible to take care of yourself when the desire is real.

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