Daily Bread #48


I got a new jacket this week as my old one was so large it was ridiculous.  I got the new one a bit on the small side as I am planning to shrink-to-fit it better.  I am slowly learning how to shop for transition clothes.  Jeans only seem to fit for a few weeks before they threaten to fall off while I can still wear stretchy draw strings from when I was 90 pounds heavier. I really want a new swim suit soon, because I won’t be able to swim in any of my old ones.  They work OK in the hot tub where it doesn’t matter much if they are almost falling off.  If need be, if I don’t find a suit before we open the pool in the spring, it will have to just be a tee shirt and shorts for me.

Class was fun, although a LOT of people were missing this week.  Our regular facilitator was also out and Sarah, the program manager, led our group.  We did a very meaningful, go-around-the-room check-in and heard from a few people that rarely talk at all.  It was a pleasure watching Sarah draw them out.  We also did some stretching exercises, which reminded me that I need to get back into doing some of my physical therapy exercises for my arthritic shoulder.  It hurts, and not just because of the shingle’s shot I got this week.  A class member who recently had knee surgery kindly showed me some exercises I can start doing to prep for when I have it.  I see the knee doctor this Friday and hopefully will get on his schedule.  I am excited and a little apprehensive.

My weight this week was exactly the same as last week.  No worries though.  My exercise intensity was significantly less this last week, so it makes sense.  That I can blame on the shingles shot.  Excuses are sometimes valid.


(My stats for the last week – same as last week, drank at least 7 gallons of water and I exercised for over 515 minutes.  My cumulative weight loss so far is 91.6 pounds.)


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