Daily Bread #47


I am getting back to my routine:  knowing how many calories I consume, exercising and noting the calories I am burning, and drinking lots of water.  This is all so much easier at home.  I admire the folks that do this program when they are still working or have small children.

My weight loss this week was almost too much at 2.6 pounds, but it was funny that at the weigh-in the scale first showed me 8 pounds down.  I was definitely a mistake, so I asked to do it again.  (I’d stepped on the scale before it finished cycling back to zero which confused it.  Ah technology – I love it.)

At group last night one man shared his 4 “W’s” which keep him on track so he doesn’t regain the weight he has lost.

  • Water – drink lots of it.
  • Weigh yourself – at least weekly.
  • Watch what you eat – recording it is even better
  • Walk – exercise

Easy to remember, but it can be harder to do.  I am doing really well on all of these, however, which must be why it is working.   According to my food app, I have logged everything I have eaten in the last 203 days.  My exercise stats are shown above.  Today I was tired, however, so only got on the bike for 30 minutes.  Every body needs a sabbath once in awhile.


(My stats for the last week – down 2.6  pounds, drink at least 7 gallons of water and I exercised for over 590 minutes.  My cumulative weight loss so far is 91.6 pounds.)

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