Daily Bread #117


We got away for a couple of days this week up to the Sierras.  Our Yosemite reservations were cancelled (again!) so we rented a room with a kitchenette at Lake Tahoe. They leave the rooms vacant for 24 hours after each guest, so it felt safe enough.  Our room was just about 20 steps from this beach.


There was a quick thunderstorm that afternoon which was fun since we’d finished our hike for that day.

I’d forgotten how beautiful and inspiring it is to hike in the Sierras.  We did a 10 mile round trip from Spooner Lake to Marlette Lake – way more than 20 steps and the longest hike I have taken in many years.  It was fairly high elevation, starting at 7100 and but we only had to climb around 1000 more so it seemed easier than some of the hikes we have taken in the hills around here.  Pine trees also provide a lot more shade than scrub oaks.

I didn’t take either of my food or my regular scale with me on the trip, so there was a lot of guesswork and my weekly weight average is for 4 days rather than the usual 7.   Down again, just a tad for the week.

Stay safe. Be Well. Black Lives Matter. YOUR life matters; LIVE it!

L’Chaim!  Week 9 of “maintenance”: My average weight this week is down .4 pounds from last week’s average for a total loss of 177.9.

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