Little Things


It’s the little things

That make me weep

The sunlight seeping through the fog

Two mourning doves on the deck

Looking out on the world

It’s the little things

We need

Here and now,

In this time, this place.

When death looms outside our doors

And in our neighbor’s breath.


It’s the little things

That make me smile

A rainbow drawn in sidewalk chalk

A delivery at my door.

A neighbor holding space

A howling in the night

That chorus of lament

Which strangely echoes

Hope inside the fear


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3 responses to “Little Things”

  1. Louetta Erlin says :

    Theresa, thank you, for the gift of your two poems The Wind and Its the Little Things.

    • revtheresanovak says :

      You’re very welcome. It helped me to write them. Hope to see you weds in our online meeting. we have to go to the 6PM, but last week it was mainly the usual 5:00 PM crew. Missed you there. Sarah sent an email today with instructions on signing on. She can walk you through it if need be. Stay well!

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