Daily Bread #46


I am back from my trip, and pleased to report that while my progress slowed (only a 1.6 pound loss in two weeks) it did not stall or reverse.  I enjoyed myself and indulged in 3 very large-for-me meals, two desserts, one martini, a half glass of wine, and a large sake.  (Not all on the same day!). I sat most of the day during the conference, but the food choices on the buffet line allowed me to choose just protein and veggies.   In Austin, it was restaurants and home-cooked meals, most of which were high calorie, but I walked a ton (23 miles!) and I used the stationary bike at the hotel.  This trip let me see what maintenance might be like: being careful with food most of the time, exercising often, and able to have an occasional drink or dessert.

I bought some new jeans a month or so ago, and they are already too baggy to wear.  I know that can be a fashion statement for some teen-aged boys, but for a 69 year old woman, not so much.   I think I will stick to pants with drawstrings until I get to my stopping weight.  At least someone will get some barely worn clothes when I donate them.

A real win was not having to ask for a seatbelt extender on the plane.  I see the knee surgeon in two weeks and hopefully will be scheduled for surgery.  I understand there is a wait of a few months so I want to get into the queue at least.

The conference was amazing, my presentation went well, and I made some new friends.  The theme was GLBTQ history within Unitarian Universalism and included many stories from the early days after Stonewall.  Some of the stories brought me to tears.  I joined my home church in the mid-90’s, so I mainly experienced acceptance and a warm welcome.  Unitarian Universalism struggled with the issue of gay clergy back in the 70’s and although both homophobia and heterosexism are still deeply embedded in the wider culture, gay and lesbian clergy now have little trouble being called to serve our congregations all around the country.  Transgender ministers still face some challenges, but we are working on that too, through education.

My heart just breaks for what happened in the Methodist Church this week.  The God I believe in is one of an all-embracing love.  Love, in all of its dimensions and in all of its forms, is a sacred gift, a “reflection of grace,” and of God’s love for all of creation.


(My stats for the last week – down 1.6  pounds, drank maybe 5 gallons of water and I exercised for over 420 minutes.  My cumulative weight loss so far is 89 pounds.)


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