In the Mountains

A traveler can get weary

The mountains are so high

A boulder comes from nowhere

To roll onto the path


You push it back

It comes again

Is there a way around?


Your compass has a crack

You did not see before

Supplies are getting low


Rest awhile take in the view

Rejoice in all you’ve seen

You are only human and

The desert took its toll


Let the fog wash over you

Listen to your dreams

Hear the sweet birds singing

Their melody for you.


Share your water

Share your food

With dear souls you will meet


Hold their hands

Wipe their tears

Find courage in their prayers 


A traveler does get weary

Before the journey’s done

The ground beneath us all

Is what will help us stand. 


God, give us the strength

To travel on again

Guide our feet

Lead us to our home.


















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