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On the Shoreline


IMG_1926On the shoreline

It can be hard

To know if the tide

Is coming in or going out

You can check a line

In the sand

That marks wet from dry

And wait, watching

The sand crabs, wondering

If they are prepared

For a sudden drenching

That will flood their home.

Wondering if they can cross

That line and yet survive.

But on the deep sea

In storm, in calm

The ships and boats

Travel beyond the tides.

And wondrous creatures

Swim beneath their hulls.






I was an awkward child

My short polio leg

Threw my balance off

My knees were always skinned

The scabs barely healing

Before I fell again running

Tripping when my legs

Did not land quite right

My bike was hard to learn to ride

And I never could roller skate

It was a balance thing

But I finally rode my bike

Going fast without a helmet

Free as the wind

I pedaled through the fog.

At college I studied

Tae Kwan Do

The Kata’s were difficult

Balance again.

But the sparring was fun

Even spraining fingers

Strong I was

Doing push-ups on my fists

I had an edge

My body was a well-honed tool

Over the years

That tool has dulled

Harder to do the things

I want and need to do

It is time

To work on it again.

And learn to ride

The waves of aging

With all the balance

I can find.






This morning when I woke

I lay abed half dreaming

As I often do

My mind still loose and open

Remembering my dreams

I placed my hands together

Palms facing palms

Fingers closed and aligned

A “This I lay me down to sleep”

Body memory from my childhood

And I thought

Of the many different ways we pray

In this world so in need of prayer

Arms crossed or open wide

Hands resting open on one’s knees

Thumbs touching in a circle

One waving hand reaching up toward the sky

On our knees

Or prostrate upon the ground

Standing, sitting, walking, dancing

Swinging incense  or snakes

We chant, we sing, we moan

We speak the ritual words by rote

We speak in tongues

And in every language

Ever known

We stutter, stumble and lisp

We pray in a silence deeper than our fears.

So many ways, all good

All right

God listens

The Great Mother holds us

The Spirit of Life

Moves within us

Will you pray with me?








Holy Saturday

Show some respect

Our hope just died

We have laid yet another

Martyr to rest today

Jesus, Martin, Trayvon,

Sandra, Stephon, and JFK

The list goes on.

Families grieve

Which one will save us?

Which one will rise

Like the sun

On Easter morning?

We must call out our own names

Carry on the flame

Hope can defy the grave

Who will roll away the stones?


A Not so Good Friday

Thank God it’s Friday

But all Friday’s aren’t good.

There was nothing good

About that Friday

It wasn’t a plan

But instead a plot

Not Divine at all

A mere human scheme

To silence dissent

Empire is like that

It can’t stand critique

He lived with great courage

But wept at his end

His anguish increased

By the fear that his work

Was in vain

We all have our crosses

Our burdens to bear

We feel forsaken

We cry out for relief

There isn’t a plan

Victory isn’t assured

Resurrection’s only

A hope

But sometimes


Maybe sometimes

Our work will not be

In vain.


















A land of parks is what we need

Flowers and trees

Grass if we can spare the water

Air we can breathe

Sunlight to enjoy

In gun free, hate free zones.


A nation of schools is what we need

Bright eager students

Asking the questions

Finding new answers

Speaking truth without

Politely raising their hands


A world of justice is what we need

Where black lives matter

Where money can’t buy votes

And every vote counts

Where all children can be safe

In their schools and in their homes.


Listen to the children

Listen to the wind

Follow the beating of your heart

Find the courage

To demand a new day

Of love and of peace


House the homeless

Shelter the refugee

Dry the tears

That stain the face

Of  our dear lady,

Sweet Liberty



They say compression therapy works

To get the swelling down

Drain the fluids that cause pain.

Racism, lymph

and stagnant lies,

All of a piece they seem.


It isn’t even

It isn’t easy

Welts and pain

Where the bandage binds.

What a relief to rub them out

For a moment’s rest

Before engaging once again


Weep with me

Work with me

Keep the pressure up

Drain the stinking swamp





The Sore



There is a sore

Deep underneath the skin

Of our sweet planet


It has been there forever

Back before the dinosaurs,

One of Evolution’s many mistakes


Don’t blame it on God


Inflammatory markers

Offered warnings

But the sore festered and grew.


Weeping out its poison

An infectious despair

A cancer in our souls


We need to lance the wound

Add the antibiotic salve

Bandage the broken hearts


Don’t blame it on God


We are the physicians here

And we must learn

To heal ourselves.







I Marched All Night



I marched all night in my dreams

I carried on though my legs burned

With a fury that matched

The rage that filled my soul.

I woke and wept

And then dreamed again

Of justice love and care.

Tell me now

When will this nightmare end?

Circulation Blues



My legs have hard places

Where blood refuses to flow

Dark knots of veins

Weary from their work

And the weight they have carried

For so many years


How exhausting it is

How terrible the pain

When our precious hopes

Are clogged by the anguish

Of thickening despair



Keep moving they say

Wiggle your toes

Elevation is the answer

Go high as you can

Over the hate we can soar.

Circulate the love.