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Rage comes

And I try to let it go

Push it away with tears

Frozen in salty hurt

Disappointment despair

Still the rage comes

So much is wrong

So much needs doing

Children are dying

Then I remember

Rage is energy

Swallowing only

Eats away at my own soul

Shatters whatever peace

Might be found

Release it instead

Let the fire burn

A beacon of outrage

Shining for the lost

For the forsaken

The abandoned and abused

If they see my rage

Perhaps they will find

Their way home.

Perhaps we will all

Find our way home.

Justice Denied Again

Once more

We learn

If we had perhaps forgotten

That justice is only for some

That some lives are

Worth more than others

That there are always

Excuses and explanations

That don’t make

The pain go away

They just remind us

That we can never

Ever forget

That justice is denied

Even more often

Than it is delayed.

We knew this

We have not forgotten

Sometimes, however

We have had hope.

We will have hope again

Just not today

Today we grieve

For all the children


For no reason