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On Glass Ceilings and Rape



The ceiling may have shattered

But we still need to climb

Up through the broken shards

Hand over bloody hand

Before we can really see the sky

Before we can finally breathe free

And safely.


From the ground below

We glimpse a diamond of hope

Reflected by the sun

Still we know

There are more tears to fall.

With joy in our hearts

We watch her victory dance

As we fear the battles yet to come.


During the dance

A young white rapist smiles

His crime close to forgiven

Because of his race and class

And of course his gender.

Let us not forget gender

Ever again.


Such joy,

Such anger,

Such hope,

And such rage.

There is power

In these emotions.

Bless us all as  women

Begin again our rise.


Rape Culture and the Utah Modesty Police #yesallwomen



Since the horrible murders last week in Santa Barbara by the  young macho terrorist who hated women, there has been a lot of discussion about “rape culture” and how it is getting worse.  Just check the hashtag #yesallwomen for literally thousands of comments and links to a multitude of blog posts.

Then yesterday a story broke here in Utah about how a local high school photoshopped some of the pictures of young women to cover up their shoulders and necklines.  See the before and after photos and article here.

This is another aspect of rape culture.  Women’s bodies are seen as merely sexual objects.  They need to keep them covered in order not to incite men to rape them. Like men simply can’t help themselves if they see a bare shoulder.  What a lie.  What an outrage.

Women should not have to cover up their bodies because of the fear of rape.  It doesn’t work anyway.  Even wearing a burka doesn’t work.

Enforcing “modesty” like the Utah High School did only makes the problem worse.  It implies that women can somehow be safer if they wear long sleeves and high collars.  It gives the misogynist an excuse to take a gun and shoot them down simply because they won’t have sex with him.  Women are not sex objects.  We are not objects at all, but human beings and our bodies are our own, to do with as we will.

It is time to fight back.

Holly Near sang it: Here