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Their faces show up

In my dreams

Small flickers of light

Stones dropped

Into water

Their grace

Rippling through my days


A small boy’s grin

Cracks open his face

His joy to0 large

To be  contained


An old man weeping

Every time he sings

His dear lost wife’s

Favorite hymn


Old friend still funny

Telling the same jokes

That made us laugh

When we were just kids


Once made

The connections last

Over time

Through space

Beyond even death

It is a blessing

My heart knows





When Life Flashes

When your life flashes

Behind your eyes

Memories crashing

Against time

Take a breath

Find the place

Where your toes

Can cling

To the muddy

Sometimes slippery


Grab a hand for balance

A sapling’s branch

A stone.

The stars spin

In the universe

And so

My friends

Do we

Hold on tight

It has been

And will be

Quite a ride.