Weekly Bread #206

The stream of atmospheric rivers has finally paused for at least a bit and we were able to get out on the trails a few times this week. But the damage from the storms was widespread and obvious. This bridge leads to a trail that you can’t see for the downed trees. It is a connector trail, so is of lower priority for the trail crews to work on clearing. We stayed on the wider more popular trails and will likely need to do that for awhile. Sometimes it isn’t wise, or even possible, to take the narrow, more adventurous route. Loop trails are also even riskier than usual as a swollen stream or a fallen tree might make completing the loop more difficult or even impossible. Mud is unavoidable but nothing compared to the other hazards. It can get your feet wet if the waterproofing on your boots isn’t great and can be slippery, but is so much better than trying to get past a rock or mud slide. It is different, though, to worry about navigating a trail you have chosen to take than it is to try to survive when the flood waters arrive in your home. Or even worse, to try to stay warm and dry if you live in a leaky tent in an urban area.

So the storms rage and we can only hope they will subside for a time. Our forward paths are littered with with debris, Bridges are washed away. The trail crews will be very busy for months it seems and God Bless them everyone. There are times when the sun is shine over your head, but you can see rain in the near distance. The reverse is also true and that patch of blue sky ahead calls you on. No matter how hard the rain around you, there is always a rainbow somewhere.

This week I recovered from some of the backsliding potato chips have caused me, and managed to lose some of my recent gain despite two dinners out – one was at a Chez Panisse (a Christmas gift from our daughter) which is famous for its healthy food so even with enjoying drinks and both bread and dessert the weight bump up was minor and only lasted a day. It was my first time eating there and I wish I could afford to eat like that everyday – without the bread and dessert it could even be a weight loss program. The food is so tasty you just have to savor each bite. Smaller portions are completely satisfying. Small walks in the woods can work that way too. Not every hike needs to be a long one and not every meal needs to be Thanksgiving.


Average weight this week was down 1.8 pounds for a total loss of 146.3


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