Weekly Bread #197

I must have hiked by this madrone tree more than 20 times, but just noticed this week that is only one tree, not a bunch of trees. The root ball creates a large mound in the earth. Whether from fire or wind, or a ranger clearing the trail, the original tree was likely damaged somehow, and like the mythical hydra whose head way cut off, and it then grew even more. One sees redwood trees growing this way all the time, but I never noticed a Madrone that had done this before. Of course the name should have given the secret away. Madrone comes from “madrona” which means “married woman”in Spanish. Just another mother (this time a tree) creating precious new life out of the trauma of her own. You can see how her bark is peeling, such beauty exposed in the tender flesh beneath.

Survival can make us stronger – if the initial trauma doesn’t kill us. We can heal and go on to bless the world, even though our scars remain as witnesses to history.


Average weight this week was neither up nor down for a total loss of 149.5

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