Daily Bread #105


Last week I posted about a trail that was too steep for me.  This week we found another way, and I reached the top.  Someone hung two swings where you can sit and enjoy the view.  They made me a little acrophobic so I didn’t get on one, but the view was amazing as was my sense of accomplishment.  I am so lucky to have had my knee surgery when i did because now I can go on hikes when there is nothing much else to do while we shelter in place.  We are using delivery for groceries because although I am fairly healthy now, my age alone puts me in a high risk category for serious complications from COVID-19 as well as a lower priority for a ventilator if needs exceed the number available.  Even when just walking around, we are advised to cover our noses and mouths.  My purple bandana still serves.

92262968_10220895137835771_7119867651374972928_n These are definitely unusual times and I am not at all sure that we will ever get back to what we once thought was normal. There are some good things happening.  Governments are renting hotel rooms to house people without homes.  People are being released from jails and prisons early.  Why did we have so many non-violent offenders behind bars and why did we ever ignore all the people forced to live on the streets?  Now we finally appreciate grocery clerks and farmworkers because we know we would not eat without them.  They have always been essential.  Maybe we should be paying them more.

I do worry that the November election may be delayed. Our President has killed people, right on 5th Avenue like he bragged about, and I am really afraid about the callousness to suffering and death that he displays.  He is either stupid or evil; most likely both. I am also really glad to be in California and also proud to be part of a faith that went to virtual worship nationally even before California shut such gatherings down.  Listen to the scientists not the politicians unless it is very clear that the politicians are listening to the scientists.  I like having a rather nerdy governor.

I am getting used to the way things are and will be for longer than we may expect.

I wrote this poem to keep my spirits up.

Live your life

Live your life

Such as it is now

This isn’t ending soon

The world grows smaller

Shrinks down to a neighborhood

A house, a room, a prison cell.

Our connections are more distant

But deeper too

As we share the fear

The grief, the loss.

Howling in the night

We find some small release.


Live your life

Such as it is

While you have it

While you can.

Relish the sunshine

Savor the flowers

Bursting with spring

They are

What your soul needs now.

Talk to your neighbor

From a distance of course

Help them if you can.

We are all refugees now

There is no escape.

There are no borders


This is the whole world

A planet in pain and fear.


Live your life.

It is what you have

For now.

Enjoy each day, each moment

Find a way to laugh

To smile.

Courage will come.

This isn’t ending soon

I hope not for me

Or for you.

This is the time to focus on what we can do, not on what we can’t.  The weight management program I have been in is a practice, a lifestyle, built on thousands of separate decisions which when taken together make a difference.   So too, a community responds to a pandemic.  Thousands of individuals make decisions that affect their entire community and even the world.

My weight went up a bit this week, but that is nothing for anyone to worry about.  We have bigger fish to fry – um – I mean bake.  I am getting at least 10,000 steps in every day – if it is raining too hard outside, I just do them in the house. This is not the time for mall walking. I am also doing 30-40 minutes on the stationary bike most days.  My exercise level and calorie deficit were both up slightly this week from the week before, so if it was simple math, I would have lost rather than gained.  The difference might be the amount of salt I ate last week and some water retention that went along with it. That Chinese food delivery order was delicious and well worth a small gain, however.  There are thousands of decisions as I said.  Some are worth it and some aren’t.

We are all  learning what matters most as so much of our former life has slipped away.   I miss our adult children the most.  I knew I was lucky they all lived close by and we could see them often. Now they might as well be thousands of miles away, but am glad we can stay in touch via the phone and video chats and they are all healthy and still employed, at least for now.

I’ll end with the messages I hear so often these days, from family and neighbors, strangers and friends.

Be careful out there!  Stay home if you can, wear a mask, wash your hands.  Be safe.  Stay well.

Love to you all!

L’Chaim!  This week’s stats: My Fitbit report shows 87053 steps last week for 34.7 miles.   I ate approximately 10269 calories and burned 14276 for a deficit of 4007. My average weight this week is up 1.7  pounds from last week’s average for a total loss of 167.6.


2 responses to “Daily Bread #105”

  1. Louetta Erlin says :

    Hi Theresa,thank you, for sharing your poem: Live Your Life and your thoughts. They touch me and mean a lot to me. I love the purple glasses and the purple bandana. Stay well. I am walking more–for me that is 55 to 60 minutes. I am comfortable with the quiet and the time to read, and just be. Today was the first Easter that I was ever alone without family. We were in touch by telephone, email and skyping==just a new way of being together.
    Best to you,
    Louetta ps why do I have to fill in this info below every time I write to you?

    • revtheresanovak says :

      Glad you are doing well. It will be great to see you when we go back to in-person meetings. I am not sure why you have to fill out info when you post a comment here. Sorry if it is a hassle.

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