Daily Bread #94


After cruising along for several weeks without resetting the goal weight in my apps, I bit the bullet today and set a new goal.  It isn’t at all ambitious at this point, just another 10 pounds which will (amazingly!) get me to “normal” on the BMI charts.  This app says I can do that in a little over a month, so why not give it a shot?

I remember how happy I was to get to regular “obese” instead of “morbidly obese.”  I still hate those charts, but my body seems like it wants to shrink a bit more and while it was fun to see all the “You met your goal” messages, I am tired of the apps telling me I need to gain a pound or 2.  We will see what happens.  I am getting a lot freer with my calories at times, but it doesn’t seem to have much impact on my continued downward trend. I am walking and exercising more of course, which I am enjoying.  I even got a new pair of walking shoes!  Recording my calories every day is also a habit I will continue at least for awhile.

I have to remind myself sometimes about how hard this program was in the beginning.  It seems so effortless now. Like learning any new skill, after awhile it just becomes part of you.  I remember being a new parent, and learning how to change diapers and sooth crying babies.  I was terrified that I couldn’t do it right, that I would be a lousy mother. I remember the first time I preached a sermon and how scared I was.  Crying babies don’t stress me now, and I love being behind a pulpit.  We learn new skills and then we change and the new skills became a part of who we are.  I’ll always be a mom, and a preacher, both are part of who I am, and I will continue to live in a way that enhances my own life and hopefully that of others. I don’t intend to sleep through the revolution.  (With a grateful nod to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King who continues to inspire so many of us.)

L’Chaim!  This week’s stats: My Fitbit report shows 49225 steps last week for 19.8 miles.   I ate approximately 10521 calories and burned 13527 for a deficit of 3006. My average weight this week is down 1.1 pounds from last week’s average for a total loss of 162.4.

One response to “Daily Bread #94”

  1. Amy Zucker Morgenstern says :

    I never find that it gets easy to track what I eat, or to exercise an optimal amount. But parenthood and preaching both got a lot easier for me, too. Hm.

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