Daily Bread #69

IMG_2534We got out to Tomales Bay State park last week.  I tried using 2 hiking sticks, but went back to the cane for my cane.  It works more like a third leg, and takes the weight off my left knee much better than a hiking stick.  The other stick helped with balance though.  Maybe two canes would be even better.  There was one trail that I couldn’t do as there was a ditch to cross and the step up across it was just too steep and scary.


We did a couple of other trails instead.







The weather was great near the coast and we stopped for oysters for dinner.

There are also some great gardens I have enjoyed during my morning walks. 67650934_10218678374218066_7458724731189985280_n

I am settling into the walking habit and amazing myself.  I actually get grumpy if I can’t get my 90 morning walk in.  I try to swim in the afternoon and take a shorter walk after dinner.  Hopefully I will be in great shape for my knee surgery and the healing will go well.

Class was great tonight and I really love the new group.  They love to laugh and I find laughter very healing.  There was a joke about throwing out the refrigerator and not just the tempting unhealthy food.  One man broke his FitBit and was distraught about it.  I can relate.  It was also fun seeing a few people from my old group who came in as our group was ending.  One of whom just got a FitBit.  My spouse laughs at me when I pace around the house trying to burn a few more calories so my FitBit screen turns green for “goals met.”  Laughter is good.

One of the coordinators was upset with me that I switched groups, but while I understand the need to balance the numbers, the groups are all about the same size and other people have switched in the past.  It really helps me to meet new people, all of whom have a unique perspective to share.  Plus the later time is just so much better.  Given that I am one of their more impressive success stories, I doubt they will throw me out, especially as I would not go quietly.  Have I ever been quiet?  In any case, one of the messages of this program is taking control of your choices.  That empowerment has to include more than just what you eat and how much you exercise.   Once you know what you need, trying to get is a no brainer.  Just do it!

Roses have thorns.  I have had huge improvements in my health with my weight loss, but there are some minor issues that have developed partly because of it.  I have “age spots” now, where blood accumulates just under the skin on my hands, and if I bump them, sometimes they bleed. Skin thins as one ages, and now that I don’t have all the fat in my hands to help protect my blood vessels.  A good hand cream should help some, at least  according to my doctor. And maybe TMI, but I need to do more Kegel exercises, a common need for women after they have given birth.  I have lost more weight than my thirty year old daughter weighs, so yeah, I just had a very large baby.

I’ll take those minor problems.  So much better than having diabetes and the multitude of there conditions I had before.  I am still smelling the roses, even if they have a few thorns.


L’Chaim!  This week’s stats: I am drinking about 54 ounces of water most days.  My Fitbit report shows 90,935 steps last week for over 38 miles – down some from last week.  I ate approximately 9961 calories and burned 17266 for a deficit of 7305. I am down another  1.3 pounds for a total loss of 132.9.

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