Daily Bread #64 (on the Road)




Vacation has been good for me.  I am so happy that I am able to hike again.  It has been years since I have been able to do trails like these.  We have been to the Canadian Rockies many times and camped and hiked these trails with our kids.  I am not camping anymore, and my knees are still ridiculous, but I am actually pretty fast with my cane.    I am slow on the rocky and root covered parts because I am afraid to fall, but I am not getting out of breath and don’t have to stop and rest much at all.


With all the exercise, I have been able to indulge a bit on food.  I even had prime rib!  I skipped the potatoes and got extra veggies instead.  It was really good and I saved a bit for lunch the next day.  Rocking it in the Rockies, that’s me!  I even had fish and chips minus the chips and substituting salad. Restaurant workers have been very accommodating about keeping the potatoes and rice off my plate.  I do take a few of Anne’s fries if they look really yummy.

We are on the homeward bound part of our trip now, so will have some longer driving days and less serious hiking.  Looking forward to some long walks along the beach in Oregon though.

L’Chaim!  Vacation stats: I have probably NOT been getting my gallon of water in most days, but I am exercising some every single day and a lot on others. My Fitbit report shows 127,344 steps last week for over 53 MILES! I ate approximately 10,400 calories and burned 19,351. I am down another 1.2 pounds for a total loss of 127.4.


4 responses to “Daily Bread #64 (on the Road)”

  1. Linda Brown says :

    Wow! Just wow! Theresa you are incredible. Your vacation pictures of all the hikes and water options are truly inspiring. I am hoping to see you and Anne in person upon your return; ready for some games.

  2. Lisa Symonds says :

    You should buy a pair of walking sticks. I use them and they really help make hiking easier

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