Daily Bread #63 (On the Road)


General Assembly in Spokane was fabulous, exhausting, and moving.  I saw a lot of old friends – including one SSA friend I hadn’t seen in 30 years – and I made some new friends too.  I am very pleased with the direction and new leadership of our faith.  The backlash which bubbled up on the fringes is a bit disheartening, but there is also widespread enthusiasm. Change is hard, for everyone, but if we don’t open up our faith so that all can participate fully, then we aren’t being faithful to our principles. There is a lot that I still need to process about those days in Spokane, but I believe that true transformation is coming.  Hope and love will lead us on, and we are blessed with human leadership that seems up to helping us with that task.  The world, and our country, is in a dangerous place.  We need to be stronger and more resilient than ever to meet the many challenges if our democracy and our planet are to survive.

After General Assembly, we headed up to the Canadian Rockies, one of my favorite places on earth. We have been many times since the mid 1970’s, but we are no longer camping.

The top picture is at Radium Hot Springs where on an after dinner walk, we discovered an adult playground full of exercise machines.

With scenery like this, it feels so good to be able to move about and enjoy it!


Even on a road trip where you don’t need to pack light, I forgot things I wish I had.  I should have brought my hiking boots and a small daypack.  After years of only being able to walk short distances, I walked almost 10 miles on Tuesday.  Not all at once, but still!  I do stay mainly on paved trails and I avoid steps because of my knees, but we went on a river float trip yesterday, and I may be ready for some mildly white water later in the trip. Who knew I would be able to do all this?  Next trip, hiking boots!

Food is tricky, but I am very careful about what I have for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and I don’t go wild with carbs at dinner.  Dinner is all guesswork for calories, but I am eating what I want (Shrimp Étouffée with dirty rice and cornbread last night), choosing lower calorie items most of the time, and stopping when I get full.  Most of our rooms have had microwaves, so we have done a couple of leftover meals. Étouffée for dinner again tonight!

I am actually still losing weight, even though my plan was to just not gain any while on vacation.   I have increased my calories some because of the exercise and the vacation food and drink I am enjoying.  I am not hungry except right before I eat.  I can LIVE with this new lifestyle!

L’Chaim!  Vacation stats: I have been getting my gallon of water in most days and exercising some every single day. My Fitbit report shows 82,299 steps last week.  I ate approximately 10,400 calories and burned 17528. I am down another 3.4 pounds for a total loss of 126.2.

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