Daily Bread #56


There were twin fawns at the retreat center.  They had a delightful energy., as they pranced along with their watchful mom.    I can’t say I rested well for the 3 days and two night we were there; the programing was full and the beds not as comfortable as at home.  Still, it did my spirit good to have some time for prayer and reflection and to connect with my minister colleagues.  Some of whom inspire me, some who challenge me, and some who help me laugh.   Tender and holy is the work we do together.  I don’t do ministry for money anymore (it was never for the money), but I am still a minister.  It is a life, not just a job.

It was also fun talking  about this journey with people I had not seen since in awhile.  They definitely noticed the changes in me and were happy for the improvements in my health.  I was hardly a “prancing fawn,” but it was clear I felt a lot better than the last time they had seen me.

The center did not have an exercise room, so no stationary bike time on those days, although I did get in more steps than usual.  I ate pretty well, with only one small 1/4 slice of carrot cake despite the fact that there were tempting desserts at every meal.  The food is all locally sourced and organic, so there were lots of veggies with chicken and eggs for protein.  One lunch was more challenging as only vegetable proteins and cheese was available, both of which have much higher fat or carbs and therefore calories per gram of protein.  It would be very hard to be a vegetarian and sucessful in this program.

Because of the retreat, I did not attend the weekly “lifestyles” meeting, so no official “weigh-in” this week. My home scale shows I am still on track, but I will still stick with only the official numbers in my stats below.

And because I wasn’t there, I asked my friend, Lindsay Lacker McKenzie, if I could share what she posted about the meeting.  She said yes!  I have used initials for the other names.  I hope others in my group will want to do “guest blogs” from time to time.  There is so much wisdom in this group of people and we all have different experiences, challenges, and perspectives.  Here is her post:

“Slim group tonight…we started with 4,  and then 2 more showed up. It’s not a bad thing to have variations on group density, I think it really changes the dynamic and allows for different interactions and conversations. Tonight we discussed Seasonal Foods and favorite recipes. The big winner for me was S sharing a ZERO calorie salad dressing: Walden Farms(and yes I went to Safeway right after and found some!)and C mentioned a greek yogurt called Two Good…only 2 g’s of sugar and 80 calories(I picked up some of that as well!). Definitely a lighter conversation that left me a bit hungry at the end but more importantly my head is still in the game. My brain can get lazy so quickly and I find it making every excuse why NOT to go to these meetings…I didn’t track, I didn’t measure, I didn’t stay on plan, SMART goals? What SMART goals? These are exactly the reasons which, at very least, I need to keep going to the meetings. It’s like every Wednesday is Groundhog Day and I get to do it all over! We went to an annual camping event this past weekend which at this event last year I was in the first week of the program so was mixing soups and shakes in our VW Bus all weekend…and yes it’s a party event so last year I just went to bed early feeling sorry for myself. Not this year! Party girl was back in full force but on a plan! I was very mindful of my food choices…I didn’t track but interesting how my brain calculates calories now. NSV moment when we got the annual event t-shirt and last year I was in a men’s XXL and this year rocked a women’s L(which still had room). I hope all of you are having a great week and not giving up! Hope to see everyone next week.”

Lindsay rocks!


(My stats for the last week – down ? pounds, drank at least 7 gallons of water and exercised for over 655 minutes.  My cumulative weight loss so far is more than 107.9 pounds.)


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