Daily Bread #36


I made the exercise goal of 420 minutes.  It almost killed me but I did it!  I rode the bike in 20-40 minute segments twice a day.  It is amazing how the idea of a prize can motivate me.  We get “stamps” for attendance at meetings, logging our calories, and exercising for 420 minutes a week.  When we have enough stamps, the card is entered into a drawing for a Whole Foods gift certificate.  I don’t even like that store; it is so pretentious and overpriced, but I want to win so I am wearing out the stationary bike until spring when I can swim again.  It’s a mind game I am playing with myself.

We had a interesting discussion in class last night.  Does doing something hard, like this program, improve your life in other ways?  Does it open up other possibilities for you, other challenges that you might tackle? Does it make you more empathetic to others, because you know how hard things can be, or does it make your more judgmental because after all you have had success, so why can’t everybody else?   Of course I went to the theological in this.  It reminds me of the old salvation by grace versus salvation by character argument.  The Universalists and Unitarians, coming from either side of that issue, decided to just live in the tension of that theological debate.  I do believe that hard work helps, but a little luck helps even more.  Everything does NOT happen for a reason, much of life is simply random, and sometimes good hard-working, truly wonderful people, simply do not succeed or even manage to survive.   We do what we can, and hope for the best.  Try to love life and love each other; be generous and be kind.  If nothing else, the world will be a little bit better because we lived. As a Unitarian Universalist I believe that all will end up in whatever heaven is, and also that we can, with our efforts, create a little heaven right here.


(My stats for the last week – down 1.4  pounds, drank over 7 gallons of water and exercised for 420 minutes.  My cumulative weight loss so far is 70.4 pounds.)


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