Daily Bread (Week 18)


This real food thing is getting better I think.  My lunches this last week have been almost yummy.  I had shrimp/spinach salad for the first 3 days with red bell peppers and cucumbers @250 calories.  I switched to yogurt, blueberries or raspberries, peppered turkey, and cherry tomatoes for breakfast for 227 which is less boring than the hard boiled eggs and tomatoes I had last week.  Had an omelet for lunch one day.


What is really weird, however, is that I am struggling to get the right amount of calories in without overdoing the protein.  I added some whole grain bread to compensate for that.  I can only eat so many vegetables and they don’t give me the calories I need before I get full.   Last week I ranged from 1242-1317 calories, up from the 1200 per day I was doing while on 100% meal replacements.  That was the recommended increase.  Balance, it is all about balance, a very hard thing to accomplish.  We so easily tilt off, one way or the other.  I am also learning that the compulsiveness that I had about staying faithful to the meal replacement portion of this program may just help me carry on now that I am eating real food again.

What was weird this week was that I had a small weight gain (1.5 pounds) for the first time since I started this program.  It happens; it certainly has happened to others in my group.  Some of it was due to my body adjusting to real food again and some was likely due to the lack of exercise this week.  The smoky skies and my sore leg meant I did much less swimming the usual.

There are some physical changes, however,  as I have been going along.  And that feels good.


    May 16                        July 16                       August 22
More (or less) will be revealed as time goes on.
And as always my group has been super supportive.  We have a new theme song:
We are working on our dance routine.

(My stats for the last week – up 1.5 pounds, drank over 7 gallons of water and exercised for a only 155 minutes – there was a lot going on this week and I have a weird muscle pain in one leg.  My total weight loss so far is 42.7 pounds.)


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