Daily Bread (Week 7)


This week we had quite a bit of discussion about which week of the program it actually is.  The facilitator thought it was week 8 and she is correct in that it was our 8th meeting.  We are, however, just beginning our 7th week of full meal replacements.  We go 15th weeks without any real food and then gradually reduce the meal replacements as we, um, “replace” them with real food.  We are almost half-way through this first phase and the entire program is 18 months long.

This week was a little disappointing as I only lost a half of a pound.  Some folks even gain some during this phase, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Bodies adjust differently to change,

I find that I am increasingly aware of my body, how I feel in it, where it hurts and where it feels good.  My knee is better after the cortisone shot, but my left shoulder is now very painful.  Had an X-ray today and see the doc on Monday.  I’d never write about this physical stuff normally; there are always aches and pains and they increase with age.  The reason I am doing this is to feel better, however, so when I feel worse, it frankly pisses me off.  This is hard work.   I want rewards that I can feel in my bones.

We talked about rewarding ourselves during class, and no, going out to dinner is not an option.  I bought a few extra bottle shakers this week.  The powered “shakes” are very sticky and the shakers get sort of yucky after repeated use and are almost impossible to get really clean.  The dishwasher just bakes the crud on. I got a two pack of these for $5 on sale at Tuesday Morning.  I like them quite a lot, they have an air hole that makes it easier to drink, but I hate the writing on them.



I would cover the writing with stickers, but that would make them even harder to wash.

The class is just barely tolerating our substitute facilitator.  We were grumpy about her not having the forms we need.  We played with our phones and had side conversations during class.  Behaving badly can be a little empowering at times.

Don’t tell me I will be beautiful

When I am thin

Like you.

I already am beautiful.

Don’t tell me there are other ways

That would be easier

Or better

This is what I am doing.

Support me

Cheer me on.

Be patient

Be kind

Tell me I am brave

And strong.

Be proud of me.

I hope I would do

The same

For you

For whatever

You believed

You needed to do.






(My stats for last week – down .5 pounds, drank 7 gallons of water and exercised for a total of 390 minutes.  My total weight loss so far is 22 pounds.)



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