My Daily Bread (Week 1)


“Give us this day our daily bread” – or chemically engineered meal substitutes – by Nestle no less.   Even back in the 60’s we knew that Nestle was one of those evil corporations whose products and activities did particularly heinous damage to indigenous populations around the world.  We can only do what we can do, however.  If these products can help me regain some better health, then they are what I will ingest for the next 4+ months, even if it means I have to purchase them from an evil corporation.

The picture above is what I will have today, which includes a GALLON of water.  Calories total 1200 calories and if I space the 7 servings out throughout the day, hunger will be kept at bay – or so they say, anyway.  I did order seven of the pre-mixed juice packs, thinking that for the first week anyway, it would be nice to not have to mix up a powdered ‘shake’ first thing in the morning.  It tasted fine this morning, kind of like a strawberry Yoohoo, but the waste appalled me and I plan to go with the powdered stuff from here on out.

Class was good last night, although it felt rushed.  We did have time for a quick go around with introductions, and it was nice to get a sense of the folks I will be on this journey with for almost the next 2 years.

I am excited to start this, and although some panic set in yesterday afternoon, today I am ready to be calm and methodical about it.  I have had the two 2 cups of black coffee that are allowed, and am now working on guzzling the prescribed water.  L’Chaim! (To Life!)

L’Chaim From Fiddler on the Roof




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