Carry That Weight (Week 0)



We had the first session and ordered the meal replacements which we will get next week.  We had a tasting, kind of like a cocktail party, sipping samples of the shakes, munching on small bites of the bars.  The facilitator went over the ground rules, getting input from the group.  She did not call it a covenant, but that is what it was.  One of the rules (promises) was to avoid politics and religion and to keep the group focused on why we were there.  I understand the need to avoid controversy – and religion as well as politics can be controversial.  It might be tough for me, however, as my faith rests in the very core of my being, and I expect it will be part of what will help me get through this.  We will see, but then the facilitator said not to behave this week like it was the “last supper” which is a religious reference if I have ever heard one.  I chuckled to myself  about it.  Her point was not to overdo it this week and gain weight, making the loss more of an uphill climb.  It makes sense, but the person who wrote down my starting weight subtracted a 100 pounds from what the scale said.  When I saw her mistake, I said, “Maybe I am done with the program already!”  Humor is going to be very important, but then, it always is.



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