I was an awkward child

My short polio leg

Threw my balance off

My knees were always skinned

The scabs barely healing

Before I fell again running

Tripping when my legs

Did not land quite right

My bike was hard to learn to ride

And I never could roller skate

It was a balance thing

But I finally rode my bike

Going fast without a helmet

Free as the wind

I pedaled through the fog.

At college I studied

Tae Kwan Do

The Kata’s were difficult

Balance again.

But the sparring was fun

Even spraining fingers

Strong I was

Doing push-ups on my fists

I had an edge

My body was a well-honed tool

Over the years

That tool has dulled

Harder to do the things

I want and need to do

It is time

To work on it again.

And learn to ride

The waves of aging

With all the balance

I can find.




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