Christmas Eve 2016 – reflection

Such a wonderful story isn’t it?  The young couple, with a baby about to be born, and they can find no room at the inn.  The animals make room for them in a stable.  The cattle are lowing.  Mooing that is, I assume.  Shepherds and wise men see a star and follow it, bringing gifts.  Angels sing and fly about.

The Christmas story, as we have come to know it, is composed of two very different versions of the birth of Jesus that are told in the Gospels of Luke and of Matthew.

Mark, and scholars are in agreement that Mark is the oldest gospel, written about 70 years after Jesus died, and Mark says nothing at all about the birth of Jesus. Who knows what actually happened at the birth of this particular child?

But it is a wonderful story, one that has been added to and embellished over the years, as often happens with wonderful stories.  The writers of the later gospels of Luke and Matthew added the shepherds, the wise men and the angels.  All the different animals were added later.  St Francis was the first; it is said, to include live animals in nativity scenes.  And was there a little drummer boy there?  Pa rum ba dum dum, I have no gift to bring –

The song about the little drummer boy was first written in 1958, but it is easy to imagine him there too, isn’t it?  I loved that song as a child.



Placing more people at the birth site of Jesus in song and in story is, I think, a way of living out the central message that made Jesus such a remarkable teacher and preacher.  God loves us all.  Everyone is welcome.  When we feed the hungry, when we donate clothing to those who need it, when we visit those in prison, and when we work to liberate those who are oppressed, we are doing just as he would have done. We are serving God because God is in each of us, including and perhaps especially, in those of us who are in need.


Christmas belongs to all of us.  Those that would restrict it and define it too narrowly are just wrong.  They don’t get it.  It is too large to be shrink-wrapped into a state of mind that could even imagine being resentful of a sweet greeting like, “Happy Holidays.”


And this particular Christmas Eve is very special.  For the first time in decades it is also the first night of Hanukkah.  Jews and Christians around the world are all lighting candles tonight, candles of hope that sometimes burn brightest in times of great danger and fear. Muslims too are celebrating Christmas and the birth of the prophet they call Isa, born in Bethlehem, the son of Mary.


Much of how we celebrate is also drawn from ancient customs that drew meaning from what must have seemed like rebirth of the sun at the time of the winter solstice.  Many people celebrated the solstice just 3 nights ago.


With all of these varied faith traditions coming together this week, I think we might be getting a message from the expansive and inclusive spirit of the universe. Jesus, during his ministry, called upon us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He was also named the Prince of Peace.  Our task, my friends, tonight and in the days to come, is to keep working together toward a vision of Peace on Earth for all. With the power of the love inside each of us, we must keep the flame of hope burning brightly, so that justice will truly rain down like the waters and even the hearts of tyrants will be changed.


So, back to the Christmas story, I do think there were angels there, and shepherds and homeless folk, little drummer boys, wise men, and of course the queens.  There were people of all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and faiths gathered there together around the manger, welcoming a newborn child.

The donkey was there, and the cow, and probably even the tiny lizard like the one that attended worship here with us one Sunday not long ago.


Each of us was there too, that Holy night, for the story is timeless and unending.  Look into each other’s faces and look into the candle’s flame when we light them in a few more moments.

It is up to us to keep singing the song of Christmas, the song of the angels, helping the light of truth, of love, of peace to be reborn. May it be so.


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