Remembering #Janet Reno

Janet Reno died yesterday, the day before an election in which (I hope) this country elects another fierce and courageous woman as our President.

Janet Reno was hated by right wing extremists, just as Hillary Clinton is.  I love them both.

As the first female Attorney General, Reno had to be tough in order to survive.  I don’t know her sexual orientation, but she walked like a dyke.  It was just how she moved in the world, like a woman who refused to be dependent on men to protect her.  She was fierce and courageous in her fight for justice,

She was vilified by the right for Waco and the disaster with the Branch Davidians on 4/19/93.  Two years afterward, on April 19, 1995, right wing terrorist Timothy McVeigh murdered 168 people including 19 children at the Oklahoma City Federal Building.  It was a planned act of revenge for Waco.

One thing people tend to forget about Waco, is that the FBI waited almost 2 months before trying to gain enter by using teargas.  There were reports of children being abused by cult members.  How the fires started has never been clear.

I wasn’t in Janet Reno’s head, but she must have been thinking of Jonestown and the People’s Temple, when over 900 people died in 1978.  Another cult leader, Jim Jones, convinced most of the adults to commit suicide and to kill their children by giving them poisoned KoolAid to drink.  That was the fear during the siege at Waco, that David Koresh would do what Jim Jones had done.  And perhaps that is what he did, if the fires were set by the cult members and not ignited by tear gas canisters.

Reno had a tough decisions to make, but she was tough.  She may have miscalculated as times, but she always took responsibility for her decisions and she always tried to do what was right.  Her moral core was as solid as steel.

We lost a good one yesterday.  I hope we elect another good one today.















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