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I am wondering why there is so much outrage about the long lines to vote in Arizona from Sanders supporters while there is virtual silence about the long lines for the Democratic caucuses in Utah.  Voter suppression is a terrible thing and we have seen it for a long time in many parts of the country and it almost always targeted at people of color.  Working class people of any race can’t usually give up a half a day to stand in line to cast a ballot, so when lines are long only the more privileged among us can afford to vote.  People with disabilities and the elderly also are more likely to just give up and go home than are the young, especially if they are both enthusiastic and  able-bodied.

Sanders won Utah and lost Arizona.

I think he would have lost Arizona had there been no lines, and I also suspect he would not have won Utah with as high a margin if the process there was less arduous.

Clinton has routinely tended to do much better with both older and minority voters whereas Sanders strength is primarily with young white voters , quite arguably a population relatively able to wait out a long line to vote.

If we look at the demographics of the two states, the election results make a lot of sense.  Utah has a very young population, because of their much higher than average birthrate, and it is a very white state.  Arizona is much more diverse and is a well know retirement destination.   These facts are reflected in their census data. *

Only 10% of Utah’s population is age 65+, while 16% of Arizona’s population is in that age group.  The median age in 2010 was 34.2 for Arizona and 29.2 for Utah.

Utah is also one of the whitest states, with 80% of its population listed as non-Hispanic white.  In Arizona that percentage is only 60%.

Given all of this, I am wondering why anyone thinks the results were somehow rigged.  They are exactly what was expected.  Please chill out.  Vote for the candidate you like the best, but it is time to lose the conspiracy theories.  They are frankly just silly. And, friends, please remember that they are both pretty red states anyway.


*census data




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3 responses to “Just Wondering”

  1. Mike Gardner says :

    Regardless of who voted, or who would have voted, form whom, the fact is that having a door shut in your face at a poling place after waiting two-three-five hours in a crime. Republicans aren’t heard complaining about long lines. It’s mainly the poor, working people who are being shut out. Race and class struggles are increasing.

    • revtheresanovak says :

      I definitely agree, Mike. It is a crime. I just don’t think it happened because of a Clinton conspiracy against Sander’s voters. In Utah, only the Democrats had to show up at a caucus. Republicans could vote in their primary online.

  2. Iden says :

    Reverand Novak,

    I would ask that you read * The Essential Bernie Sanders* and ask yourself why Hillary Clinton has no equivalent platform – at least that I have seen.

    At this point, I believe Hilary is a wonderful person with the best of intentions, but does not have the depth and breadth of knowledge Bernie has by any stretch of the imagination. She has been surrounded by inside forces in a very complicated and gamey world during her political career – so I believe.

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