Getting my Kicks at 66

Route 66 sign

Life is a Trip

I turned 66 this week.  Another birthday, and kind of a weird age to be in some ways.  Most big birthday celebrations tend to be ones that end in either zero or 5.  18 and 21 are also milestones.  But I like kind of like the double digits.  11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and 66.  Like on the old SAT’s, it’s a numerical progression, one that just keeps going up.  What comes next is 77, then 88, then 99. The odds of 1010 are worse than slim, so the max in this series for birthdays is 99.  (111, although theoretically possible, would be the wrong answer mathematically. 110 is also possible -simply adding 11 – but it isn’t as much fun.)

I am still kicking, and still getting a kick out of life.




2 responses to “Getting my Kicks at 66”

  1. Hope Stewart says :

    Yes, I love the series and I am 77 and was born on 7/7 so it is a fantastic year. H

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