For Ibrahim



They say that some see a light

On the pathway ahead

Before they cross over

To what waits beyond



It could very well be true.


But one thing I do know as a fact:

Some souls carry their own light

The bright laughter of a love

So strong that it shines from their eyes

Upon everyone that they meet.

Stirring awake the call to justice and to faith.


Let your light shine

Like the stars

Sing with the music

Dance to the melody.

Let the drumbeat of your heart

Guide you home.


We will

We will

Carry it on.





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4 responses to “For Ibrahim”

  1. says :

    Lovely, I really like this. Liz

  2. revtheresanovak says :

    Thanks, Liz. I hope all is well with you.

  3. Adrian L. H. Graham says :

    What a beautiful tribute. Although I had never met him, I am saddened by our collective loss. I’d hoped one day to be able to learn from him… I do appreciate learning about him from those of you who knew him personally. I benefit from his legacy. Thank you for sharing.

    • revtheresanovak says :

      Thanks Adrian,
      Ibrahim was a marvelous teacher – in so many different ways. And yes, I hope we will all “carry it on” – those of us who knew him, those of us who knew of him, and those of us that can catch a glimpse of that love that knows no bounds. He was fully human, flawed like all of us, but so in touch with the Mystery that those around him could feel it too. Peace and blessings to you.

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