The River

Water for the river

Is born inside the earth

Oozing up in a muddy spring

Or falling from the sky

In drops the size of pearls.

In the cold clear nights

It frosts the blades of grass

And gathers in the dew.

The river can’t flow uphill

So don’t even try

But please beware

You can get trapped

In stagnant ponds

Providing food

Only for mosquitos.

You can be frozen

In an icy glacier

Cold and lonely.

Does your river rage

Over the banks and levees

That would hold it back?

Does it wander lost

In a flooded plain

No hope in sight?

Keep your river flowing clear

Sparkling like a mountain stream

The current strong enough

To smooth the stones

That fall across your path

Let children play

Along your shore

That they too might learn

The river’s ways.


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